God Favored Me Part 2 by Hezekiah Walker, Marvin Sapp, DJ Rodgers Sr.

Song Lyrics

God Favored Me Part 2
by Hezekiah Walker, Marvin Sapp, DJ Rodgers Sr.

Album: Souled Out

I don't know what you're going through,
But I want you to know tonight
You got favor
(God favors me)

In your trial,
In your test,
In your hard times
Don't worry
(God favors me)

Attack your character,
Attack your integrity
Don't worry no no
(God favors me)

Touch your neighbor,
Encourage the person next to ya
Tell em I got it,
Tell em I got it,
And I can say yes

To ya will

Say yes

Because I got
(God favors me)

Through my cries


Through my hard times
(Yes, God favors me)

I found favor


I got it,

I got it, I got it, I got it
(God favors me)

I got it

And the Lord gave it to me

You know what yall I got another witness
(God favors me)

Come here D.J. Rogers

Wondering why I did not die,
I'll be happy to tell you why
(God favors me)

No longer do I cry,
When fake friends say goodbye
(God favors me)

Some days the well was dry,
but I have the same reply
(God favors me)

They even wanted to bring me down to size

But God said again I rise

Come on everbody say yes

Don't you let the evilness

Or your haters bring you down
(God favors me)


God favors me
(God favors me)


(Yes), (yes),

Yeah God favors me
(God favors meeeeee)

O praise God, thank God everybody.
One more time everybody lift your voice all over this world, and say God favors me

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- Still revalent!!!! - guest / Sep 15, 2021

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