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Hollyn - EP by Hollyn

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by Hollyn, TRU

Album: Hollyn - EP
by Hollyn, TRU

Fell for you first day that I met you
Never dreamed that I ever could forget you
But black and white make a mess
When it turn to grey

Sunlight came sweepin' cross the window
Rewind to the time when we were so close
Got me longin' for yesterday

But Lord You, know me, so well
I can be a little punk sometimes

But don't leave me, leave me alone
Bust down the door to my heart like it's Your home
Don't need no keys
I'm on my knees
Begging You please
I've gotta settle this thing once and for all
You got my heart my soul You can have it all
I'm on my knees
Beggin' You please
Beggin' You please, Lord
Don't leave me alone

Through the tears, through the pain comes a new day
Blown away still amazed You pursue me
Ain't no limit to the way You love

Don't stop
Lord I need You like a heartbeat
Rock solid under my feet
And You're callin' me You're callin' me up

I said You had me in your arms but I fell through the grasp
But yep I had You in my heart but I guess I relapsed
Like I'm livin' for the wrong reasons, through the seasons
Tryna fall for you but then they put me on blast
It's like I try to speak my mind because I know that I'm His
And yep I try to speak my mind but it don't fly with them kids
Man if I'm not talkin' bout the newest Nikes or releases
They put the mute on me
I can't speak about my Jesus?
Like I'm living for Him
I'm slippin to sin
I turn around and make the amends
I try to fit it
I mess it up and stumble again
I'm takin' this pen
And writing everything so I remember just how sweet that it is
Yeah man I got issues I can't even lie
My only saving grace is knowing I got You inside
I'm done with (saving face) I ain't gotta thing to hide
So don't leave me alone
Keep coming day and night

Don't leave me leave me alone
Bust down the door to my heart
Lord it's Your home

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- So powerful! - guest / Sep 3, 2020

Ezekiel 28:14-16 Lucifer and his many Satan's dies, dies, dies. Spread the word.... - guest / Oct 1, 2019

- I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - guest / Sep 12, 2019

Can you play this more often? I love this song - guest / Oct 15, 2018

- This song like Rocks!!! - guest / Sep 17, 2016

- My new favorite! - guest / Aug 19, 2016

- Thanks for playing such a great updated song--we need these to get moving in the morning and the kids love it! - guest / Jun 8, 2016

- Great song love it. - guest / May 29, 2016

- I love it!!! - guest / May 15, 2016

Awesomeness - guest / Mar 21, 2016

this is my favorite song on my favorite channel:the joy fm - guest / Mar 8, 2016

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