May the Peace and Presence of the Lord by Ishmael, Dave Bilbrough

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May the Peace and Presence of the Lord
by Ishmael, Dave Bilbrough

Album: Ishmael's Songs & Hymns
by Ishmael, Dave Bilbrough

My Lord, my God
The firstborn of creation
The author and protector of my faith

May the peace and presence of the Lord fill our hearts and minds to overflowing
To keep our radiance showing
To keep our love for you growing
We pray this knowing
That as we walk in obedience You'll give us all this and more
That as we walk in obedience You'll give us all this and more.

My Lord, My God
The firstborn of creation
The author and protector of my faith
My strength, My song
My captain of salvation
Prince of peace, King of Kings, God of grace

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