Temptations by J.R.

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Metamorphosis by J.R.

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by J.R.

Album: Metamorphosis

Vs 1
Its 3:00 in the morning and there's a war raging deep inside of me, ay, ay.
One half wants to go to sleep the other half wants to feed the lust in me,
such a dirty game, the dirty games that we play so I.
Reach for the remote control start flicking through the channels to see what I can see, and before I found it my dirty this is what I heard
You supposed to be a man of God, how come you acting like you don't believe in me
Lord my will is weak, so father this is what I pray, so I said.


Lord Jesus will you keep my mind, Lord Jesus will you keep my mind, Lord Jesus will you keep my mind, cause I'm weak in the flesh I'm about to wild out (2x)

Vs 2
It's the top of the month and the rent is due, so I guess I gotta get on the grind
Another week before I get my last check cause I just lost my 9 to 5 so I.
Go into survival mode and I'm looking for some cheese to make, I don't know if this change is good but dirty I got bills to pay. The lights are off and the food is gone and I'm starting to break cause I can't seem to see the light of day.
I know you're my provider but my faiths on fire and I need your guidance or this house will burn down
Lest you send your grace, so father this is what I pray and I said


I know the flesh is a beast but we must trust him with every little thing
We know his word is the truth so we must trust him in everything we do (2x)


Rap (Thi'sl)
I can tell the way that mommy moving, she like them boys that do that gangsta music
She wish we did it like the gangstas do it, but we ain't gangstas it's the cross we movin
I can tell by the way she groovin she tryin to hypnotize me by the way she movin
I'm like woa momma what you doing, Lord help me temptations brewing
I'm like maybe I could, I should, I can't, like maybe it's good, I could, I aint
Lord help me to keep my mind, baby girl drippin honey Lord plus she fine
I'm like maybe I could, I should, I can't
Like mommy it's good, I'm cool, I can't
Lord Jesus will you keep my mind cause you know that my flesh really wants to wild out

Hook (2x)

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