They Don't Know by Jahaziel, Maxi Priest

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Heads Up by Jahaziel

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They Don't Know
by Jahaziel, Maxi Priest

Album: Heads Up

Hook: Maxi Priest
They don't know, they don't know
They don't know what we go through
Everyday we keep on dying
They don't care, they don't care
Shut their ears and close their eyes
Only God can hear us crying

Verse 1: Jahaziel
I’m from the bits where kids there have been known to disappear
Some roam with knives and chrome 'cuz they live in fear
While on the corners the poor man are sipping beer
Begging for change, same pain just a different year
Now come picture the landscape, victims of gang rape and kids trynna bag weight
They flip like a pancake so, arguments end with arms extending peace but it’s not a handshake
They peel back and let the steel clap
Some wanna escape but feel trapped, yeah this is real rap
'Cuz getting jobs ain't easy when you got no CV
Just a record but not no CD
I see these guys remaining in the same spot
Instead of changing they’re complaining what they ain't got
Stop. Transformation's the job at hand
They say "we can't" but my faith’s in the God that can

Repeat Hook

Verse 2: Jahaziel
It seems like we don’t like love
From streets to schools, neighbourhoods to nightclubs
Too much of these young G’s are on a hype bruv
They done beef with just one squeeze and let the pipe bust
And it don’t help fi make the Uni fees rise up
Hard enough already pon school leavers to find jobs
And it ain't helping that there’s preachers whose trying to thief from believers
And make it hard for the people to find God
Some find it odd they wanna know how come we move to the hood
Most trynna move out from
I'm showing dons on the council flats they can break outta the trap
Without a ounce of crack
And needing loot's an excuse that I won’t give
'Cuz I know one too many youths doing life long bids
And I know one too many Daddies who deny their kids
That’s why I’m standing in the valley screaming "dry bones live!"

Repeat Hook

Verse 3: Jahaziel
Yeah Lord, only He can hear me holla
Here today, no guarantee I’m a be here tomorrow
Gotta celebrate life, every day another heart ceases
If we can't see it, that’s 'cuz we don’t wanna
Time to rediscover teachings that Jesus brung us
Two things to watch, how we love God and how we treat each other
Would we feed a brother if we see them suffer
If we do then does that mean that our responsibility is covered?
Plain and simple as I can put it
Raised in a generation whose ways are sinful and crooked
Played games 'til the bill came and I couldn’t foot it
Moved by grace, saw the route of escape and I took it
It’s a new day, lets do this ting
The Lord switched up the ways that I used to think
You can force any horse to the water
But in order for the horse to see change gotta choose to drink

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