Dancing For You by Jai, Guvna B

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Culture Shock by Jai

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Dancing For You
by Jai, Guvna B

Album: Culture Shock

All my life I've wondered what I was dancing for,
Id be in such a daze watching them on the floor
It's gotta be more than music that make you lose control And baby now that I've found it I'm here to let you know….

See I walked in the place And I know that I can
Turn up the bass and I'll change up my face and
All that I had on my mind I'll replace it
Cuz I know that He's got this
these dreams that I'm chasing
Cuz I feel it in fact, everything I feel Imma put it in this rap
You see me and I see you in the back
if you wanna dance you can dance forward or back
1,2, this is for you
3,4, more and more
never sitting down, need to see me?
Look around, like a breaker on the ground that's me dancing all around!

2012, they say is Armageddon.
I say I say oh well, I feel the time's are changing
(Cuz no man knows the time so used your tick tock wise)
Why wait for fights to come? Dance like like you you won.
Cuz I'm dancing around, breaking of cats like
um hmm pow to the dance floor when you wanna feel the sound
in your hands and your feet. everybody get down
once was lost now ya found
Celebrating life til I get my crown
And if you know you're going there
throw your hands in the air and wave em like you ain't scared!

Guvna B's rap:
Allo Mate yo J-A-I
They say that they aint fly
Now we move to the left and the right with a buzz
Love life is a must man they aint right
Throw your hand up high groove to the beat
Show that your fly by moving your feet
We dance for the leader
trusting him like Joseph dreamer
We moving up let's levitate
He lift's us up He's a heavy weight
They don't believe so we set em straight
We stick to He like cellophane
Let's celebrate
with faith buss a dance at random
UK to the US standard

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