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Culture Shock by Jai

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by Jai, Thi'sl

Album: Culture Shock

I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E yep yep that is He!
I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E that that's who He be!

Yep You the best You the King of Kings
Like ketchup on my fries, You my main squeeze
Nope I take that back, You da main course
You the only one I live I move I breathe for
You amazing! You fantastic!
I can be your Barbie girl but I aint plastic
I'm elastic, please stretch me
And even when it hurts, keep testing me
Because You're good! Because You're Great!
When I shout your name it resonates!
From the mountain tops, to the valley's low
North South East West…. All around the globe!
You incredible, Just Hulk but You aint mean or green
You're the Lord of host, You amazing you fantastic so phenomenal

Lord You are Incredible, Your wisdom is infallible
There is no one betta I wanna be wit cha!

Yep you the bomb, boom dy-no-mite
Like Austin Powers yeah baby outta sight
Glory glory glory to the man upstairs
Makin lots of noise, hoping everybody hears
That You're blazin so extravagant
I might be that "Rocker Chick" but
You the main event!
Got my ticket, on the front row,
but always love it when you flip the script and

This'l Rap
God You're so big and full of knowledge
And I ain't talking Big like Chris Wallace
I'm talking infinite, you shine bright
Let's hop on eagles wings and take a flight
Up through the clouds and past the stars
Through the Milky Way then back down to Mars
You made it all just for glory,
You eternal God, Never ending story
He's Adoni, He sits on high
Made the air I breathe to the air I fly
You're Amazing, that's to say the least
From my block, to your block, Man my God's a BEAST (Yea Baby!)
They say I'm so hood, but I tell em nope
I used to sell em dope, but now I bring em hope
Cuz He rocked ya boy, like DC Talk
You see the God in me, now watch em walk

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