Can't Stop Me by Je'kob

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Pocketless Souls by Je'kob

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Can't Stop Me
by Je'kob

Album: Pocketless Souls

Chorus -

They can't stop me
No matter what they put in my way
They can't stop me no
No matter how hard it is
They can't stop me
Somebody tell em who my father is
They can't stop me no
I'm goin' to the top babe

Verse 1 -

Stop me, first you gotta top me
And the only way that happens is if I decide to drop me
Spittin' for a higher power, I ain't concerned with money
I know it's weird, it's like a bee that ain't concerned with honey
But ey, I be all up in the zone
And I ain't Led Zepplin but I'm bout to bring it home
Yeah straight up to the dome
I'm aiming' at your heart but I do not need the chrome
Right, i'm tryina stay on top of this
Every line I spit is like I'm buildin' my metropolis
Keep it super crispy man there ain't no way they floppin' this
Betta call Denzel man, there ain't no way they stoppin' this
Freight train, man get up out my lane
I'm too much for ya, yawl betta call a lawyer
Ya'll betta call a docta, cause I'm so sic wit it
He flow so hard I seen em break a brick wit it

Chorus -

Verse 2 -

I'm goin to the tippy
I told em on my last record, holler if ya wit me
Yup, and all praise due to Jah
Keep writin', keep fightin' till I'm floatin' wit the stars boy
Till I'm up there with the constellations
I been on the humble Lord forgive me if I lose my patience
And I'm ill on the downlow
Call me Shaquielle cause I kill on the downlow
Two Four Seven steady on my grizzly
Cold as a polar bear, hot as a solar flare
Swagg on maximum, in my tight jeans
Pops is almost 80, lookin' 40 that's called tight jeans
And I'm meaner than the rest of em
Livin' water bottled at the source yes the best of em
And I double dog dare you to test me
Man this ain't even half of the best me

Chorus -

Verse 3 -

Proverbs 3:5-6
In all things submit
And He will make your path straight
And Philippians 4:13 told me
I can do all things
Man can't hold me
And with the strength of the Lord I dominate
Fully focused with a million things piled on the plate
And they hatin' but I will not go there
They hot headed and I freeze em wit the cold air
With the cold flow, on a cold beat
I just go in mista no cold feet
And it's a new day & I'm a new man
It's not too late to change if I can do it you can
Let's be men, let's walk the walk
Treat your lady right, lead her out the dark
And to be a man, you ain't gotta fight
Cause the world said it that don't mean they got it right

Chorus -

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