Come A Long Way by Je'kob

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Pocketless Souls by Je'kob

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Come A Long Way
by Je'kob

Album: Pocketless Souls

Chorus -

We've come a long way from nowhere
The road was often paved with tears & pain, tears & pain

Verse 1 -

Life, sometimes we're dumb as toys on a shelf
Tryina fix someone else but we can't fix our own selves
Got a plank in our eye tryina talk about a toothpick
That is not productive, that is more like useless
Our job is to love, let God be the judge
Stop bein' so critical, we are all people
We are all equal, we are all familiar
We all got our wicked ways, we are all peculiar
We're pocketless souls, fighting over green
But temporary money buys temporary things
That's why 'm not tryina temporary bling
If you're rich without Christ you're just a temporary king
So love, love & give all that you got
And chase after love like it's gold in a pot
And when you find it hold on cause you're holding alot
Cause we were made to love, & love is all we got

Chorus -

We've come a long way from nowhere
The road was often paved with tears & pain

As cupid arose
Shootin' eros arrows
That echoed through boroughs
Like barrels with shells
You can count on sea shores of hell
cock back fade to black read the credits of the tale
Epic how quail fell on the trail
but pales when compared to that manna that grew stale
I mean!I rather be free and eat bread with less spice
Than reminisce when i was a slave eaten' chicken fried rice
Blow the dice I'm feline' it
seven off my finger tips
My militance is diligence
I feel as if you throw salt on my eternal life process
You probably wont appreciate my progress
I always see people through the light of their strength
Speak through the vent of my weakness
And vow to never know where my peek
If you neglect these elementary teachings
Go back and relay your cement
I done came a long way

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