Dreams by Je'kob

Song Lyrics

by Je'kob

Album: Faith Hope Love - The Eutopian Mixes

Verse 1
Success is a mindset, not a bank statement, not a bentley
Not a range river with 22's, & accessories
And the leather seats
I know it feels better
Than the pinto with the spare wheel
But only you can control how the soul feels
When your ego's hurt from what they say
If you die believin' in God you made it anyway
My brain don't sleep, I'm up at night
Slammin' on these keys tryina' get this right
The light came in & said good mornin'
I told him hold up, I just started recordin'
They on they grizzly, I'm on my mammoth
Global warming can't stop me, I will withstand it
I'm ambidextrous & upper handed
He set him on high cause he follow commandments
Uh, cause he know His name
I don't care about hollywood man, I hate that game
I sit on the bench, I watch from afar
I'm up with the moons, meaning I am a star
Correct that, a constellation
I make a big bang on your radio station
If you let me on your radio station
I ain't trippin' man, I got patience

I said my dreams are real
They make the time stand still
I said my dreams are real
They make the time stand still

Verse 2
So many critics, so much criticism
So much of the "You should sound like this one"
"You should sound like that one"
You should shut your piehole, this ain't bout survival
I got everything I'll ever need & more
More love, more strength, more grace
Jesus told me what you fight for, is what you die for
And what you try for, is what you cry for
But if you really want it you will try more
Do not let the fear in you win
Stare him in the face & say, let the games begin
Bring it on, everything you got
No matter where you from everybody's got a shot
Never put your gifts underneath a rock
Hold em in the air till the sun says your hot
Haters are a dime a dozen
I got haters in my family, you could ask my cousin
Focus on your craft, focus on your word
You gone give this world somethin' they ain't never heard
They ain't never seen, they ain't never dreamed
Faith plus works, pockets full of mustard seeds
Look up at the mountain, watch how it move
Make it disappear with the drums & the groove
Make it disappear with the snare & the hi hat
Have faith in God & just lie back, & relax

I said my dreams are real
They make the time stand still
I said my dreams are real
They make the time stand still

Verse 3
My hearts in the music man
These dudes want me to quit?
Nuttier than a squirrels cheeks in october
Ask me if I'm sober, I'll tell you I'm not
I live drunk in the spirit, soul, body & thought
Uh, I'm followin' the path of righteousness
Devil you will not shake me
You will not break me
You will not take me
You cannot make me
They can all hate while I walk on the sea
This is the second hit I wrote in my sleep
Keep His word in my heart, & my ear to the street
And I'm ill on the beat
Tell Kanye & Ryan Leslie they can come get at me
Huh, & I'm always gonna fight
They thought I'd give up, but they will need kryptonite
They will need dynamite
But I ain't scared, my soul is safe if I die tonight
So back to the drawin' board wit' em
They scramble to figure out another way they could get em
Another way that they could stop him
I'm on an ill record label, & they will not drop him
My sixth sense is sick man
It's called faith, the same faith He used to heal a sick man
And I ain't worried bout your quicksand
I'll probably fall through the earth & blow up in Japan

Chorus 2X
I said my dreams are real
They make the time stand still
I said my dreams are real
They make the time stand still

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