Falling Stars by Je'kob

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Pocketless Souls by Je'kob

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Falling Stars
by Je'kob

Album: Pocketless Souls

Verse 1 -

Fallin' from the sky, 30 thousand feet up in the air
Floatin' like I just don't care
My brain is on overload, listen to the drum loop, listen to the harp
Sounds like angels talking
I'm freed from all adversity up here in the sky
Cause when you're forced to fly, it's kinda do or die
Nike, just do it, swoosh, I'm on it.
You learn to never back a raging bull into a corner
You live & you learn, you die & you burn
Unless you got the keys to the kingdom then you earn
A one way ticket. So smooth you think I bicced it
I deadbolt the door from inside that old man got evicted from my heart
I'm following the son, I'm roamin' in the desert
His word is my rainbow leading me to treasure
The pleasure is all mine, His love is somethin' we can all find at all times

Chorus -

A falling star fell from your heart & landed in my arms 2X

Verse 2 -

The whole world rejoices, Jesus is returning'
I woke up repenting' from a full day of ventin'
I'm human so sue me, betta call up judge judy
I'm not completely sure that God is always speaking' through me
But oh well, I'm honest, He knows me betta than my momma do
He counts the very hairs on my head, even the ones I pulled out
From stressing, I'm slow to learn my lesson
I fall & then I get up, I gotta keep on pressin'
We are all his stars floatin' in the atmosphere
Today is our day, this year is our year
We winnin', & don't stop grinnin'
And the day I stop sinning', is the same day I died
But at least I died trying'
At least I died flying', I will not die lyin'
I spend my whole life leadin' people into Zion
Cause this world is crazy & there's nothing' we're controlling'
Free your mind, go head let the Soul win

Chorus -

Father, we thank you for, for your blessings. It's like falling stars, it's so beautiful, God, everything you've given us. We aren't worthy
Lord. Yeah, I'm floatin', I'm floatin', I'm floatin', I'm floatin', I'm floatin'.

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