Far Away by Je'kob

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Pocketless Souls by Je'kob

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Far Away
by Je'kob

Album: Pocketless Souls

Chorus -

Far Away, Away, Far Away
(Yo, Far Away, Sometimes, I feel so far away. Yo, like I'm on another planet, like I'm on another planet, Lord.)

Verse 1 - (Je'kob)

Sometimes I feel so far away
the only thing I can do is kneel down & pray
then look into your stars for guidance but I am
Sure that you're the only bright light I can confide in
What else am I supposed to do? We can Only Hope in you
Some will fall, some will rise, these are called the chosen few
So I follow only you, and my heart is open to
Understanding sometimes you're slow to speak when spoken to
So I keep praying', & I keep written'
And hope the words shock the world similar to ightnin'
Cause even when I'm solo, & I'm in the valley
I'm stricken' drama out like I am in a bowlin' alley
I hold on to what the word promised
My faith waivers like pPeter's & that's bin honest
Feels like I got the whole world in my backpack
Lord I'm feelin' so ..

Chorus -

Far Away, Away, Far Away
(Lord I'm feelin' so, Lord I'm feelin' so, I , I, I'm feelin' so, I , I, I'm feelin' so. 2X)

Verse 2 - (Applejaxx)

I feel all-alone in this cold quest
Trying to go north but end up on south west
Everyday I watch your footsteps
Shadowboxing all the dirt in my own flesh
I missed the mark then went the wrong direction
And I want my heart to match your completion
I'm sitting in a stack load of student loans
Need to pay the debt I made in the student homes
Life is heavy in my pocket holder
You can lift more weights than the terry boulder(Hulk Hogan)
Words are screaming loud in my head
Of the prayers in my soul that I never said
Lord I looking to the hills where my help lays
Jehovah Jireh you provide
Lord It feels like a dream today
Lord I feel so far away

Chorus -

Verse 3 - (Beleaf)

I'm admitting' that this world is in your mittens
Even though you're omnipresent, my connection is long distance
I try to reach your standards but never grasp it
I'm Mr. Melanin, not Mr. Fantastic
You're the son, I'm pluto, too cold, but you know
How futile this life is without you though
I'm UNO, but no not the only one who feels like this
Want to be closer to your likeness, Your tight grip
Oh I hate bein' ...

Chorus 2X -

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