Old Self by Je'kob

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Pocketless Souls by Je'kob

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Old Self
by Je'kob

Album: Pocketless Souls

Verse 1 -

Ey, Ey I'm numb to the haters, this mic is my novacaine
And you could knock my teeth out I feel no pain
I do't want glory, sometimes I want riches
But I try to let that thought bleed out with no stiches
And I be gettin' gangsta with my old self
Lookin' at him in the mirror like I hate you Je'kob
Why you can't wake up & just stop sinnin'
He wont say a word, he's just grinnin'

Chorus -

Cause my old self wants to take me down to hell in a hand basket. No no no

Verse 2 -

Demons on your shoulder get more comfortable with age
They chillin' like a bookmark, they keep you on that page
They only want your soul, & give you all you askin'
Fast cars, fresh clothes, robin we baskin'
In the glory, & now I feel special
First class flight seated next to the devil
And you ain't like him, that's why you back in coach
Ever notice it's the brokest cats that run around & boast
Ever notice it's the richest cats that always want a deal
Is that shirt half off? I'm tryina get a steal
I'm tryina get keep my stacks up, don't wanna burn my paper
Silly rabbit paper's gonna burn now or later
So recognize the demons & get a soft rug
You should be on your knees if you are tryina find Love
Set your feet on the rock if you are his disciple
Mans heart is wicked, the truth is in the bible
The key to survival, the key to salvation
Laugh, love, pray, have faith & stay patient
Keep your ears open, God likes to whisper
Walk through the fire no fear I'm with ya

Chorus -

Verse 3 -

At times I forget the combination to the safe
Have to rob my own memory bank just to reminisce
I finally found rest in this pilgrimage
With one eye open cause they will pillage your villages
Till you find a loop hole in the syllabus
Or learn to read the lips of the ventriloquist
This is poetic scripture at its finest you highness
The continuation of a saga your honor
Our father my alma mater
Cause that old persona had me spinnin' revolvers
Now I'm spinning' messages in bottles
So!whoever it points to it'll point em farther
Cause we in the day where the commentary of man
Is worth more than the voice that blue printed the lands
Thats worth more then 2 cents threw in
I hear the sound look what the wind blew in
Look what the cat of nine tails drug in
Speakin' of the devil in you
Reflections of a hypocrite look what a mirror can do
Cause thats exactly what the devil would do
Ain't it funny what a mirror can do True

Chorus -

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