Seventy Five Deep by Je'kob

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Pocketless Souls by Je'kob

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Seventy Five Deep
by Je'kob

Album: Pocketless Souls


I'm addressin' every hater that's just gotta hate/
Stop bein' rude y'all about an hour past late/
The least you can do is be timely with your ridicual/
Then maybe I might respond, and might get at you/
But probably not, i'm flown' with a strategy/
Some of y'all should get you some, oh yea but you're not me/
The body of Christ is so incredibly diverse/
I'm out in left, so they look at me like I'm a curse/
Haters see my swagg is up, they say that I am boastin'/
Tell em that He fills my cup, I am holy coastin'/
Down the PCH, leanin' in a low rida'/
Je'kob spit life from Cali down to Florida/
I'm not playin' games, I'm in my own lane/
get up off the side lines, help us get these people saved/
Stop hatin' sittin' in your hater chairs/
At your hater homes combin' out your hater hairs/
But it's not your fault, you've been taught wrong/
That artists that rep Christ can only sing one song/
Well, that's garbage, and my disposal won't eat it/
And I'm honored, that y'all think that I'm conceded/
When everything that's good in me, is from Christ alone
They mad at me cause sometimes I joke around in songs/
I ain't special, let this be my testimony/
I don't roll with a click, but I'm far from lonely/
I've been put here to spit, and I do it well/
My split personality said it, not me about myself/
We're all sinners and seasoned or not, we're all beginners/
Real war is in the streets, that's why I'm not confined to buildings/
So you can crucify me, and y'all can call me Judas/
I found my place of zen, but brody, I am not a Buddhist/
I'm just a no name with a breast plate/
On the front lines where the vets stay/
Been in this game, for over fifteen years, not minutes like some y'all claim/
And I'm not sane, I'm a crazy kid/
From the coast of Cali, where they do it big/
And the fact is, we are all the same/
Who are we to judge how Christ decides to use a man/
Don't be a hypocrite, cause that's a kin to hater/
I'm goin' in on this, ain't savin' none for later/
Jesus walked with prostitutes and tax collectors/
He flipped tables in synagogues and taught 'em lessons/
But we're comfortable, don't wanna ruffle feathers/
In the world, that is, but in the church we bare knuckles/
Or just check the forums, and ask yourself this/
If you were unsaved, and reading that what would you think of His/
Church goin' believers, actin' like we ain't got Jesus/
Tearing' down another ministry, cause we don't need it/
Who are you, and who am I, and who is he/
To cast the first stone, blameless? Maybe/
God works in mysterious ways, and we are in mysterious days/
They introduce the chip in the health plan, I'm only one man/
You want it in your forehead, or your one hand/
I'm off topic, but not far, it's here right now/
We gotta support the soldiers who use sound/
To transform peoples' hearts, to reel 'em in/
Cause y'all know, the whole world's swimmin' deep in sin/
He ain't holdin' back, looks like he's goin' in/
Hater grab a needle and some thread, stop sewing sin/
How much longer must we do this? My heart is weary/
But James told me if I draw near, then He is with me/
I'm feelin' super crispy, the flow is super crispy/
The gutter's jealous, he just heard that I'm stupid gritty/
There's only one way to Heaven-through Jesus Christ/
Scientifically, it can't be dark if we're shinin' light/
And if we're shinin' bright, all on one accord/
Can you imagine the glory that would be given to the Lord/
And it's a cryin' shame, to see the world unite/
While believers tear each other up, like a Tyson fight/
If I'm Holyfield, and my ears are gone/
I will use forces that are not known, to write this song/
E.T. is phonin' home, pockets full of mustard seeds/
Though I'm in the valley, walk with my Jesus peace/
And I'm killin' beats, and I'm feelin'' free/
Message to the haters, this is just me/

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