Up Up & Away by Je'kob

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Pocketless Souls by Je'kob

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Up Up & Away
by Je'kob

Album: Pocketless Souls

Verse 1 -

This transmission's clear, I'm here
To tell you bout the one who keeps me smilin' ear to ear
To tell you when the drama piles up & falls down
Don't worry bout it just shh, small still sounds, they so loud
If I listen, I'm dead on with my mission
No matter what position, bait the hook & get to fishin'
Cause life can get me down, I feel like I am losin'
I'm pressin' on the gas but still I feel like I am cruisin
Down the highway, my way, I could do this all day
I don't care what yawl say, listen to what Paul say
I'm saved by grace, that comes by faith
So buckle up we on this rocketship we up up & away

Chorus -

When I don't know where to go
Don't know what to do
Don't know where to go
I just go, Up Up & Away
Ey Ey
Up Up & Away
Ey Ey Ey
Up Up & Away
Ey Ey
Up Up & Away
Ey Oh
I'm Up Up & Away

Verse 2 -

Now now now now I still remember the day I fell out the sky and landed on my feet
That cost me nine lives but at the end of the day it was cheap
What you do when you got six figures of speech but your pockets depleteÖ.ed
Pity bread flat broke pray it rise like yeast from the degrees of heat
Wouldn't understand if you stood underneath
The fleet feet technique leaves a streak
In the Sky, Jet High
Even Mary J ablige that I
Can plank on a cloud when Im down and out
Wont appreciate rain till you experience drought
Gotta sow seed to experience sprout
And need Conscience to experience the South
know what im talkin bout
You'll probably jam this in the parking lot
That techno feel wont let the party stop
So ready set go out the starting blocks
Past the clouds and what not to a whole notha realm and such
Till you reach the Ancient of Days
Treat your trials like a launching pad up up and away

Chorus -

Verse 3 -

Me & mista Consci rich in the spirit
Bleed on the mic hope everybody feel it
Bank on E but ey oh well
You could find us at the bottom of the well
Or maybe in the belly of a whale. God comes first, family comes second
Money comes dead last yeah I'm broke if you look at me compared to Bill Gates
But travel down to Africa, see the kids in the street that will die for the trash we throw away
And know today, your life is a gift & it could be gone in a blink
Most rappers wont tell you that, wont even sell you that, you could forget about getting that free
But they say stack that paper, kill your neighbor, this is the best that you'll be. Awww Naah

Chorus 2X -

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