Waiting by Je'kob

Song Lyrics

by Je'kob

Album: Faith Hope Love - The Eutopian Mixes

Verse 1
Good evening, I'ma tell you how my day went
Got canned now we struggling' to pay rent
But I'm alright and I'm ok, & we gone make it through the day
I won't sweat, I'll sit still
And render my whole life to His will
And reprogram my anatomy
Refuel the fire with haters stayin' mad at me
Yep, & the word says don't doubt
Walkin' on the waves no wipe outs
And I mean it no wipe outs
They could repossess the car & turn the freakin' lights out
Uh, yeah turn the freakin' lights out
I praise Him in the dark till the lights out
Get it? Until it's light out
I throw my cares to the wind & get my kite out

I will never ever stop waiting on the Lord, waiting on the Lord 2X

Verse 2
I woke up mad at the world, woke up mad at the way it worked
Prayed to God that he'd heal all the people hurtin'
God knows somewhere a mother needs a break
Son addicted to meth, here daughters period is late
Whoa, & I don't mean to get graphic on em
Young buck didn't have the sense to put a jacket on em
That's why the safest sex is no sex at all
Wait until you find the one then yawl could have a ball
And everybody knows that pride comes before the fall
So when she told em wrap it up, he was like Na
Uh uh, he was like Na
Bout to be a dad & he can't even drive a car
He can't even drive a car
Life is like a rap video without the stars
If every effect has a cause
Then you gone be ok just trust God


Lord I feel lost inside this crazy world, this crazy world
Lord I feel lost inside this crazy world, trapped in this world

Verse 3
Sometimes I feel like I am just so so, I'm never gonna make it
God said makin' it aint always bringin' home the bacon
Cause where your treasure is that's where your heart lies
My faith is not in faces on a bill they all died
I put no faith in politics cause every man lies
And you could be the hardest thug, every man cries
Yeah, every man cries
Especially when you open your eyes for the first time

Chorus 4X

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