Hurry Up & Wait / Mitchell & Blessed III by Jered Sanders, JG

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Hurry Up & Wait by Jered Sanders

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Hurry Up & Wait / Mitchell & Blessed III
by Jered Sanders, JG

Album: Hurry Up & Wait

Intro: Jered Sanders
Its been a long time coming
Hurry Up & Wait
You know it's a B side off the top
Yo, thank you God

Verse 1: Jered Sanders
I might be tip toeing the line but
Never tell me I ain't got enough faith though
Cause I done played safe long enough God
Figured it was time shrugging off the play clothes
The last year must have been alignment
Heart needed a check God played the side piece
But I was holding back water off of my cheek
Cause the hour glass stayed flipping over my beach
Man, simmer down simmer down
I was just a kid everyday I played around
At every house party played hooky from the pops though
Chasing the dark but the light stayed around yea
I got a pink slip the other day
Looking at the packaging and hoping its a pranking
Cause Pootah had day care so then I had to pray
That we staking up tokens when we open up the bank uh
Kept account of all the past deeds
What I search up on the web browser last week huh
Now I'm out the rat race cause of bad feet
Dang, guess I'm not that kind of athlete
To put on stunt, and run around people tracks
In a full on grunt, cause I don't pass lethal gas
So I pull up pump, cause I ain't grasp what I had
Trying put on front, then go around people back
My bad

Chorus: JG
Good things come to those who wait
So be patient, be patient
Cause I tried it won't fail
Trust His love is right here
So be patient, be patient
He's right here

Verse 2: Jered Sanders
Its not a sixteen cause it ain't enough
And its way to personal to make it up
I used to think bread what I need
Until the buns got stale every time try to bake it up
And the money came slow but the bills fast
Uncle Sam tried to put us underwater
Not a snorkel on deck acting like we all Sinbad
Trying to climb like its gym class
But I know good and darn well I'd rather be a CEO
Than watered down get a PPO
With a suit and a tie and a yes sir
Employee of the Month sitting on top of the dresser
I ain't trying to front and I ain't denying the pressure
But I ain't had a hunch or and interview a plethora
But a car payment from cash selling a Nissan
To driving in a spectra
Got a pink slip I was on Static Slektah
Man but I avoided the shell
I'd be lying if I told you I ain't thought of a scale
Break a couple crills down some imported with well
That's a lake of fire homie ain't no water in Hell
Foreal, and to be honest they brought me in the room
With a folder on deck for the severance pay
I was looking down with an incredulous face
Wondering if it's my fault or a test of the faith
And even if it all give me the shakes dog
Still a blessing I'm still a dreamer
Still a daddy still a lesson
I'm still training them up until the track shake
Still claiming another stack plus for the tax break
So if I sell a million records or a couple K
I just hope when you hear it I had enough to say
And I'm hope it was a lesson for the faith
God gotcha when you get up out the way
Now Hurry Up & Wait

Chorus: JG
Good things come to those who wait
So be patient, be patient
Cause I tried it won't fail
Trust His love is right here
So be patient, be patient
He's right here

Now anytime you come up with your own solution
But it is not in submission to God's strategy
It will become your sabotage
Wow I'm preaching like a mad man
I'm helping somebody right now
Who is about to handle something the wrong way
And your heart is really in the right place
But your going about it the wrong way
This dude that was in the church
Maybe he's still in the church I don't know
I can't remember his face clearly
He said this great line to me
He said um your a driven person that's good
You got ambition that's good
Your not sitting around passively waiting on God
And actually procrastinating or blaming it on God
That's good, but there will call times in your life
Where God calls you to work" and he said this
I don't know if he made this up or ripped it off but
It's good no matter where it came from
He said "the only thing harder than waiting on God
Is wishing that you had"

Mitchell & Blessed IIl Intro
Yea yea
Take three

Verse1: Jered Sanders
Say these the kind of bars you ain't heard about
On the radio you probably heard of word of mouth
Shout to Ray for the alley for the murder (Selah)
And that's my alibi before I sketch the murder out
Yea, I'm only body and the flesh though
Had to say it before the super sleuths
Got to chirping on my rhyme book
Bizzle got the carlie on pertro
Then I'm running down the whole angle like its Tecmo
And I'm Bo Jackson heard choir sounds
Knew I had to toe tag them
It's all formal homie no slacking
Cause I was chilling in my black cave, still had the fire
Guess they figured I was sleeping like some old dragon
Never thought about it until I thought about it
Young ins talking how they fire in a lot of songs
But getting scared when they recognize the real
And them true shots fire like Kevin Hart on the ride along
Ah! maybe later they'll apologize
And stop gassing about a .40 on they Spotify
Yea, cause little homie that's a lot of lies
Only time you ever clapping is if you spot a fly
Lying through you teeth never count as flossing
So if you say its garbage I'm a talk regardless
Yea, but never wild on solemn
And stop taking shots when your profile on private
Foreal, I was trying to get more bands than lobster hands
And used to want to whip the water like a fish tail
Yea, I was litty with a lot of pans
But well wishes to everybody who wish well
And saw something better than them twenty five
And without momma prayers I wouldn't be alive
Twelve posted up holding the strap like hall monitors
Up the block they blowing steel like harmonicas
Yea, Biz told me we in a war
The first take was light homie you can't afford
Getting bodied by the squad
You got to carry the torch of course
They never going to applaud you or endorse you
In a culture where all the vultures been a force
Probably whipping a foreign often with the cost
Of a mortgage in a forest of endorphins
In their offices probably never mention the cross in it
Spit flame out of your orifice kick game for the win
Maybe you can get in the tournament
Or maybe you can get you an ornament
You probably got to forfeit
You ever try to mention the Lord again
Send well wishes out to all of the porpoises
Maybe get a shot at the journalist
Who happen to write to Sway, Charlemagne
Maybe the Source and they fortunate
To get a portion of the swordsmanship
Guess I got to fill the Christianese quota now
Before the naysayers tell me how the Spirit gone
But if its possible they never heard Him in my rhymes
It's more than possible that they just probably hearing wrong
(Talk to them) Christ washed Judas's feet too
Looked him in the eyes knowing that he was see through
A couple hundred dollars was a cost for the hostage
But I'm still glad about it cause I needed a sequel
Yea, and if I never make the coliseum
And my body never buried in a mausoleum
I'm a still praise God when I die and see Him
Cause I went from trying to beat Him until I got to meet Him
And trying to keep it hood watch the world burn
Play with the proctor and gamble with your life dog
Steady looking at the drama as the world turns
Be a pillar for my babies and my wife dog
Faith ain't believing in God its just believing Him
So when He touch down you don't got to stop and wonder
And if the word good better read again
Its Jeopardy homie you got to look inside the numbers, yea
Uh, Its Jeopardy homie you got to look inside the numbers
That's real talk

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