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Anti-Hero by Jon Keith

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Vllg Preview
by Jon Keith, ATG

Album: Anti-Hero

Takes a village
Word son, ahahah

Verse 1: ATG
That ***** real enough to rep San Diego from N.Y.C
Bold enough to believe in the One no eye see
I look to the sky, you look up to the I.G
I walk by Him to try and get hooked up to the I.V
When you've been through the fire and tell me what's smoke?
I been in touch with the Holy One and we just spoke
Told me no weapon would ever affect my brush strokes
The picture ain't pretty, never been one to trust folks
They think I don't know, but I know the game and how it go
How greedy hands can turn your team into some co-stars
This ain't a movie, but they still trying to play my bro
Well they should know if there's a problem, then it's both ours
My brothers keeper, the slim-chiefer, the whole feature, the sole-reaper, the never-gossip, no diva
If it ain't popping, just know it's possibly no Jesus
They hate the name, I see it man, know the reason
They feelin' hurt, 'cause they heard me
You ain't listen, you pervy
You pervert everything you hear, and twist it ? nerdy
You say you with the team, but you ashamed to wear the jersey
In real life, that pride got you out here looking dirty
And wifey from the state, north west, the state of Jersey
She curvy and got me topsy-and-turvy, and call me poppy, he able
No cane, no crutch or label trying to drop me
Ownership 'til retirement, mi casa lookin' lofty
I turn my back to the game, and took the blame I was faulty
Falling down, but he caught me
Salt to the earth, you salty
It still ain't seasoned, yo Jon, why'd you call me?
It's light work man

Verse 2: Jon Keith
Okay, He made plans to be the greatest, He elevated
Like taking candy, these rappers suck like some Now or Later's
Them rubber bullets couldn't penetrate us
Who could fade us, get beef, or get pressed mashed potatoes
I don't need a filter, no I say it all
I got hella issues, I can't play it off
He don't press no issues, He just play it all
But I shoot, I won't miss you, I don't play at all
Get hit, just like the lottery, you need some coddling
I hear 'em hollering, but who could body me, I think it's ?, you not game
I'm trying to save your neck, no you can never hang
Never play with my name
No cap, I'm hittin' full laps, I think your flow wack
Makes no sense, I think you stole that, I can't condone that
Bro man, I'm tryin' to hold back, you really don't rap
You know that, you gettin' no dap, you need some gonads
West side
Prodigy, the master, like Halloween, on your best night
Can't coddle me, get cooked up, like collard greens, I'm a wicked man
God had to come and fix that, now I cannot sit back
I got 'em all, Big Mac
Now lemme show you where the village at, wooh

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