Come Around by Jon Keith, Joey Jewish

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Lost Boys by Jon Keith

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Come Around
by Jon Keith, Joey Jewish

Album: Lost Boys

Verse 1: Jon Keith
I got a homeboy that'll never call unless we doing something big
We hit the road and you hit me up
Homie, we ain't really friends
Where you really been?
Making vows, you don't ever see the end
I ain't waiting
You like a YouTube ad, we don't ever see the end
I thought it took a certain level to get to this, now they all in it right now
I'm a superbro with the evasive action, homie, miss me and pipe down
I don't know how these celebrities handle this, I'm fearing my life now
I'm scared of the heights now
The city heights always been a L
And me and Ryan look like Kenan & Kel
Hallelujah, this is ?, and yeah, they used to rest
Yeah, I don't ever rest because they aim for chest, oh Lord
I cannot run out the door
I been feeling so unsure, yeah
I know that you in the storm
But I don't wanna leave the shore, yeah, uh
Now I'ma question why she spoke to me (yeah)
Is it my heart or just a show for me? Uh (yeah)
I don't really know, don't want anymore (yeah)
She won't get another no from me (yeah)
Phone numbers, that's no a for me (yeah)
I don't wanna be alone in this
? the only other one in the boat in this
I don't really know who a friend or a foe in this

Chorus: Joey Jewish
You only come around
When it's all for you
Salvation, everything
When it's all for you

Verse 2: Jon Keith
Long nights like my whole life
At the dark is when the sun rise
And it's 50 top to the old side
To the tombstone, that's a long drive
And you see these words, they be steady flowing
All in the cut like some Neosporin
We take it back to the crib, yeah
Play it out loud as a house warming
And it's ravioli when I'm in the kitchen
You can talk, but I never listen
I just wanna keep my soul right
Like ? that's my first mission
And I'm scared of relationships, dang (my God)
She see my name on the flyer
I think her name is Sarabi
I'm in the pit with the lions
Integrate the passion with the purpose
We ain't man-made, you can never hurt us
I'm the King's son, yeah, I'm bleeding purple
There's some things happening that you never heard of
We ain't started yet, this is the rehearsal
Watch my city come alive (alive)
In fact, like, where I reside
But the village is where we ride (oh yeah, like, uh)
Cali days feel like all summer
Choosing threats like, "Pick a number"
God showing that He working with us
We still working like we going under
I know what it's like up in the night life
You forget your place, you better get right
Ain't nobody touching me on this mic
And I don't feel the pressure even from this side

Chorus: Joey Jewish
You only come around
When it's all for you
Salvation, everything
When it's all for you

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