Just Sayin' by Josiah Williams

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Just Sayin'
by Josiah Williams

Album: Rerouting, Vol. 2

Every single piece
Every piece of me
Is yours

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him

Every single piece
Every piece of me
Is yours

Verse 1
Meditation and reflection
I write lyrics and I go into the session
And if I draw closer, that's the ultimate progression

I'm not a star, I'm living in the star's light
Tryna make it out the tragedy in every dark night
People tell me I'm the man, and I tell 'em: not quite
Cause they don't know I'm tryna get rid of what's not right
My music is a hobby that should benefit the body
And the mind
Vibe to the rhythm
Find all the rhymes, get inside all the wisdom
I am just a wire in a world of God's system
So, why should I be celebrated?
When I get my award it's never I who's dedicated
Cause even though an honor could label me decorated
God always had a course, a plan premeditated
I hope that I execute it how His Son demonstrated
What He tells me that I'm capable of
I was once without form, now it's shapable love
And I ain't never letting go, inescapable love

When I think about His doings
And compare to what I've done
You can't work for a ten
While living without the one
That's why I'm looking back at all that I've overcome
From hoping to the praying
And music that I've been laying
I'm tryna stay in the game
Without tellin' em that I'm playin
And I'm
Just sayin

And you should know it now!
I just can't get enough
And we gon' let it ride

Verse 2
I'm not every other John, I wanna be John Legend
I'm the lyrical answer to the literal question
The world's hands raised, I ain't takin yo suggestions

The paranoia left the body and I'm livin'
I was dirt deep, Holy, Holy kept diggin'
Like I was satisfied with the Devil straight pimpin'
He had me at the ankle and a brother kept limpin'
But God knew me at birth, March 3rd, Scottie Pippen

So, I
Started lookin' and workin' on my appeal
A friend I can't see, but I know that God's real
And if He's living in me, I'm an envelope sealed

So you can take your writings elsewhere
I know I'm rich in His love, it's not welfare
And if you ain't on the plan, just know I'm praying
I hope they feel what I'm layin
It doesn't come with a price
He's continously paying
My God you are so amazin' and I'm
Just sayin'

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