Spiritual Supremacy by Josiah Williams

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Rerouting by Josiah Williams

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Spiritual Supremacy
by Josiah Williams

Album: Rerouting

Blood, sweat and tears
Thank God that I'm living!
I guess that I was caught up in the world of my sinning
Blood, sweat and tears
Thank God I'm forgiven!
'cause I could tell you all about when I was like a villain
I was trippin', no laces
Blame it on nobody but I
When your feet are on the ground
Tell me where are your eyes?
When you're caught up in that life
Then here's a little advice:
Say you only live once, so you better think twice

Dear God
You're the one I trust in when I cash out
And people say you're so "reel," throw the cast out
I think about all the homies on the block
Steady trying to get out, tryna make it to the top
I'm just hoping and praying that I can show 'em what it's like
To shove away the dark and be headed for the light
Don't get me wrong, he'll put you to the test
But I bet you that your heart will be a bulletproof vest

Head up to the ceiling, eyes closed, hands up
One day I fall down, next day I stand up
'cause everybody's sayin' they don't make 'em like us
But the only thing missing is the love in God's trust
Think about it, no, matter fact, be about it
We be standin' strong, cause they know we be about it
Tell 'em come around, if they want it, they can find out
You know what I say (Let that music ride out!)

Welcome to round two, yeah I'm that brown dude
That's making the crowd move
And breaking these ground rules
I'm coming around soon, yeah I'mma show up
They try to deprive me, but they could never hold us
Shoutout to the clique, that's the 116
Other rappers with a plan, only follow the script
Black man as the President, yeah, that was a start
Now give up for Lecrae up on the Billboard charts

Yo, I still party like I'm in college
But now they hear the music and it's all about the knowledge
I'm tellin' y'all who God is, and all about His promise
I bet He'll make a good thing from all of your problems!

The worst comes first in the eyes of Him
You tryna get baptized? You can find a swim
'cause He'll be living inside you and work as a life-jacket
They say it's better with time, it's the only thing I practice

... keep it rollin'
All in my emotions, Michelle and Kelly Rowland
Bottom line talkin' when the sky gets dark
I got a level head, and I'mma find His spark!
When I say "J" they hollerin' back "C"
He's sittin up in the sky like "they heard about me!"
I might live long and not even be alive..
Think about it one time
1 John 2:25

I could have been on the outside
Not ashamed
I go to God, and I shout cries
I've got a whole lot
Victory in His name
Put your guns down, look at the battle I overcame
And I'm still fighting, but I'm still up in it
I thought I was doing work
End up right at the beginning
Yo, that's my life
Living the high life is never worth it
I'd never say it if I wasn't certain

I came back to God like a turn-around jumper
Looking for redemption, but then I found comfort
I don't mind talking about the life I once had
I think about it all the time, I no longer want that
I'm a Heavyweight champ in this life that I wrestle
Got my eyes wide for the lies of the devil
And I, Praise God through my lyrical remedy
Tell 'em bow down to the Spiritual Supremacy

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