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City Lights by Json

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Crank It Up
by Json, Pro

Album: City Lights

Verse 1
I rep hard for the Lord if you really know me
Making his name famous you know what I'm bout homie
It ain't even worth a thing if he ain't getting glory
You say you riding for the king gone ahead & show me
He coming back let'em know about it
My life loud even if I never flow about it
the world like keep quiet get low about it
but you can nail me to a cross and cut my throat about it
Married the church & He crazy bout his honey
ain't ashamed of his shorty even if you think she ugly
Dirty & bummy but we redeemed from sin
and the price was his life yes he went all in
So what you shamed bout maybe he ain't fly enough
acting all scared homie maybe he ain't die enough
Well to me what he did on the cross made me find my joy in him and count everything as lost


They say your light ain't bright enough
Gone head & crank it up
Gone head & crank it up
Gone head & crank it up
They say your life ain't hype enough
Gone head & crank it up
Gone head & Crank it up
Gone head & crank it up
Gone head & crank it up
Gone head & Crank it up
Gone head & crank it up
Gone head & Crank it up
They say your light ain't bright enough
Your life ain't hype enough this what you should do Bruh
Gone head & crank it up

Verse 2

Look I'm a frame derrty
lifes through the blood pusher
Christ turned up
i'm just a subwoofer
He is the light and it ain't right if He anit beamin through ya
Christ the glassmaker they should see him through ya
So gone get it on rep His throne in your city though
Make His glory known off the dome like a Philly flow
Zone in a way your face ain't shown like a fitty low
Home ain't here really though
So long for were you finna go
Homes what u chillin fo
Lift the living bread up
Christ got his heal bruised
Satan got his head crushed
Sin got it's head bust
Bombs over bagdad
Hefty Hefty synch sack the graves in a trashbag
So Lol homie show em what your faiths about
The good news is the mail & the world is your paper route
You know what the race about
Never let them snap your wire
Cause they won't hear your life unless Christ is your amplifier


Verse 3

So were your volume set I'm trying to raise mine
Frontlyner style fam they need to hear the baseline
He erased mine
I was so sick
Had to be broken just to shine I'm a glow stick
The goals to go get
Those who hopeless
Show em that he rose & the globes his focuse
So just be bold cause you know who your hopes in
No don't fold you should know why the flows spit
Stay focused that's our lifes battle
You'll reach the whole world you know how fast light travel
So let your life speak they'll hear you beating downtown
all turned up the world hear us sourround sound
So gone & crank it up
Cause some is hard to see
Let your light shine & watch the darkness flee
World calling but his word charging me
So i I Im stand out stand out like he's call me


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