Undefeated by KB, Derek Minor

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Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells

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by KB, Derek Minor

Album: Hills and Valleys

Look up in the sky, ohh I made it
Think im gon lie when I tell you I ain't gon take it
I got hands on nations, check my reputation
Yeah that scoreboard still 1-0 cause my tomb is vacant
That's why I'm... Undefeated

Verse 1: Derek Minor
Who do you think that you are?
When I tell y'all that I run things
Y'all better believe me
Spin the earth on my finger like round ball
I'm a globetrotter, its easy
No lie boy y'all got me messed up
Not Buddha, Muhammad and it dang sure ain't no Yeezus (at all)
Y'all all like I ain't made where you standing
Y'all act like I ain't drown the whole planet
Act like my son ain't died on the cross
Or I ain't gave you my all look here I ain't taking no loss
I love you with all my heart that's the reason I'm here with my hands up giving my grace
I know that you know that I'm here ignore if you want but the next time you spit in my face
You better just

Verse 2: KB
Undisputed no mistakes or plan B
In the end you'll all marvel like its Stan lee
Don't doubt me but know about me
It don't look like I'm in the lead
But your ignorance don't make you safe
Because the worst punch is the one you don't see
Till you don't see I ain't done yet
Watch all the glory my son gets
The whole world been set up
But you backwards, you upset
I was the one that put man on this planet
But im manning the planets
And planet by planet im planning out history spoiler alert
I get the victory over your habitat
Matter fact matters a matter act to my exact
If you like it then you should put a ring on it, I told Saturn that


Never lost
No death
No natural disaster
No new philosophy
Nothing in the past
No demon
No disease
Always and forever undefeated
Handle it, can you handle it?
I manage the world's best managements
Thousands of years of the worst things (the earth's curse)
And it hurts me But I got purposes in the hurts of men
If you don't know it now, you'll know it then
There's a greater good, don't worry friend
Where my glory goes, it reverses it

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ur my favourite gospel rapper and i love ur songs - guest / Aug 1, 2020

- Your music rocks and I love it - guest / Sep 22, 2018

- I have the 100-ep cd at my house! I really like both undefeated and 100 - guest / Oct 12, 2016

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