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Who Is KB? by KB

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I Can't Play The Background
by KB

Album: Who Is KB?

I can't play the background
I can't play the background
'Cause I know sometimes I wanna be Lecrae
Or maybe Trip Lee, Lee, Lee
Tedashii, Shii, Shii
Or Sho Baraka, Aka
PRo and KB
(Rock with you're boy Elijah Smooth. Let's go)

It's evident you run the show so let me back down (Yes)
As long as when you run it it comes with a packed crowd
(At least at the house)
So I can say at last I'm on the map now (I made it)
After I say something deep Imma need y'all to clap loud
I kinda want my name in lights (on that)
And on that flyer too (Yeah)
Imma need you to re-tweet my quotes or I will un-follow you (Click)
I try to be deep when I tweet but in my mentions I don't get enough credit
Though I got this from Piper twists some words up then said I said it (Tweet tweet)
I want a Dove award
I want a Grammy too and
Wait, wait, it's not about me
Jesus, it's all about you
Only reason I haven't blown is because people sleep
They ask me to open for Trip Lee, Trip Lee should open for me, me (Yeah)
Imma change the game, Madison Square Garden is my aim (My aim)
That's why I gotta tell you every five minutes go and like my Facebook fan-page (Fan page)
But if I can be honest I get depressed when people ain't feelin' me
Twenty people say awesome job man, one person hates it: I'm crushed for the week
See that's that I want the glory, for Jesus tendency
Jealous, selfish, ambitious scandal but call it ministry
So what if people know who you are
None of that will matter at all
You will be judged for the size of your stay with the faithfulness you had to the cause
Behind the scenes, in front of folk, in front of folk
Jesus has still gotta be, be our only boast
If you a Christian rapper, man be a Christian rapper
Don't put the rapper first, then put throw Christian after

See this is your boy Elijah Smooth baby (Elijah Smooth)
I just wanted to do this song right here to (so smooth, so smooth)
To remind y'all
All things are by the Lord, to the Lord, for the Lord (Uh huh)
Whether you're called to the big stage or, called to the small stage (shoo be doo doo doo)
Remember there's a call (Yeah..yeah)
Before I'm called to somewhere, I'm called to someone: Jesus (Majesty)
See we are the only rappers (Re-tweet) that get no credit for what we do
We're responsible for all of our failures, and none of our successes (twenty more followers)
And we're at our best, when we're out the way
Playing the background and letting Jesus take the lead
(My identity is not in my likes)
Ain't no room in there to be prideful y'all
(On Facebook)
Be humble, or be quiet (But in Jesus)

I can't play the background (Thank you for rocking with ya boy Elijah Smooth)
I can't play the background (Let's go ride this out. Goodnight)
'Cause I know sometimes I wanna be Lecrae
Or maybe Trip Lee, Lee, Lee
Tedashii, Shii, Shii
Or Sho Baraka, Aka
PRo and KB

Now I ain't dissing nobody
That's not how Elijah Smooth operates
I ain't against emotion,
Asking people to like your Facebook page and stuff like that alright
I'm just coming at the heart
Just saying check your heart
Let's be who God want's us to be, and nobody else
The Lord loves ya, and I love you too
Let's play the background

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