Rise by KJ-52, Jonah, Sakena Martin

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Rise - Single by KJ-52, Jonah

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by KJ-52, Jonah, Sakena Martin

Album: Rise - Single
by KJ-52, Jonah, Sakena Martin

Rise take your hand and rise
Take a knee and rise
Take your cross and rise
Rise take your brothers hand
Lets all take a stand
Rise rise

I was a Grain of sand on a black mans beach
Extend a hand just when a black mans reached
10 Years I sat and listen to a black man preach
So i gotta listen up just when a black man speaks
Cut from a whole different pattern
Where I grew up i saw them black lives shattered
Guns pop I watched the black lives scattered
So I understand the term that is black lives matter
If your bleeding well its you that I'm running toward
Not picking sides to fight in a culture war
I pick the third option I am for the Lord
And I skydive deep into the chaos when i pull the cord
Just know for sure that I am for you
If you are hurting be certain im running toward you
If your house is burning well i would not ignore you
You are not a burden i build you up not destroy you
Be honest we got a Bias and a prejudice
How about we throw all that bias off the Precipice
I grew up with all kinds of Residents
So i understand the deeper meaning of all of these messages
But its the hate that I aint messing with
If I'm quiet understand I probably had to wrestle with
Exactly the right thing to say so I'm hesitant
So I understand right there where my hope plus my blessing is

Rise take your hand and rise
Take a knee and rise
Take your cross and rise
Rise take your brothers hand
Lets all take a stand
Rise rise

Black lives shattered scattered
But God knows that black lives mattered

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