One Mo' Time by MC Hammer

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The Funky Headhunter by MC Hammer

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One Mo' Time
by MC Hammer

Album: The Funky Headhunter

one mo' time, Hey! I gotta get my, get my one mo time! +4

I'm goin fo' mine, one mo time. I'm gettin my goals accomplised while the others sit back and wind. And none of y'all can fade me so don't even try, cause i'm the best at what I do and i'm a tell you why. So you see i'm too legit too ever quit, I started gaining momentum when they put me in the mix. You'll feel my power, The stage i'll burn it up. So put it on the hammer, then people'll burn it up, to the records who tryed to diss this is on yo face, i'll turn this mutha out leave you lookin disgraced. Bet you can't touch, and now you regret fo calling yourself a pet instead of something wet. Now brothers went long, it's still the same song, while people rollin' on, your crew is gone. You know I got it started with a kickin' gold rhyme, suckas betta' pray cause it's hammertime. One mo' time.

Chorus +4

Check I peepin over there if the fellows give me ten minutes, i'll bet you i'll be in em', Cause growin on the high street taught me how to get em'. I grew on em' so tight i'm known to hight em' and quit em'. See I step to her, She's mine in a matter of minutes, It ain't how long you talk it's what you put in em'. Spittin this game so cold and you tellin' me that i'm not able to pick up this freak, well you fail to see. The hard nigga is what they call me, and every year i'm at the player's balgee. Whenever i'm next you can prepare to see a show, and whenever it comes to breakin' it up you know i'm lettin em' win the net. And i'm the man in command, so i'm puttin em' in their place, and if she's lookin for handouts then get outta' Hammer's Face. I'm not the type to wine and dine, but i'm freak to blow your mind, so I guess i'm goin fo' mine, one mo' time.

Chorus +4
Hold Now, Take me To The Bay

I'm Gainin momentum from the 90's to the bay, and everywhere I went, I made the people say Heeeeeey! I'm makin' em' all amazed in every phase, and rap fools i gotta serve em', but this time the Hammer gotta hurt em'. State to state after partyin' in Casinos, Doin, and tryin that, lougin in Reno.
I got it started in Bangcock and rocked Barbados, and watched Holyfield know em' out in Vegas. City after City I left the people in shock, You betta' have believed I left the whole place rock. And I love the way that the money just rolls out, fifteen hundred cities every one of em' sold out. Private jets, good times and bad times, suckas be tryin' to diss so i'm comin' with mad rhymes. All of these things often come to mind, but guess what y'all? Here comes the payback to her. Im doin' it one mo' time.

Chorus +11

I'm givin it to em one mo' time. Heeeeey

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