That One's Easy by Mark Bishop

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That One's Easy
by Mark Bishop

Album: This Is What It's All About

I wake up in the morning, and I climb out of bed.
The world has somehow gotten crazier.
I just shake my head.
I worry for my children, all the things they'll hear and see
I guess that's the dad in me.
Things are really different from when I was a kid.
Seems like people knew their neighbors.
If we could help 'em, well we did.
Mom's and dad's would act like grown-ups for their daughters and their sons
No excuses; they just got it done.
Yeah kids ask crazy questions. They will open every door.
Like "why do people hurt each other?" and "why do countries go to war?"
And "Is there such a thing as true love?" Well that one always gets to me.
Cause that one's easy. That one's easy.
There are questions I can't answer, that only God would know.
"Why do children have to suffer?" "Why do broken hearts heal slow?"
"Why can't families stay together?" I've got questions of my own.
Yeah I've got questions of my own.
But if you ask me "Is there real love that can pick you off the ground?"
"Does anybody hear me praying? Is there an answer coming down?"
"And does anybody love me?" Of all the questions you could ask me,
That one's easy. Yeah that one's easy.
Is there a love that helps a family get through hard times when they come?
And when the pieces fit together, they're much greater than the sum.
Well there are questions without answers, oh, but that's not really one,
Cause that one's easy. That one's easy

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