The Refrigerator Door by Mark Bishop

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A Different Light by Mark Bishop

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The Refrigerator Door
by Mark Bishop

Album: A Different Light

At seven she knew the Golden Rule.
She memorized it at her Sunday School.
Her grandparents took her every week.
Her mom and dad, right now they don't speak. She ran through the door, with something
they'd made.
Glitter and glue and a smile on her face.
Her mommy was proud, and just like before,
she put her masterpiece on the refrigerator door.
Cotton ball sheep; an old wooden cross made of Popsicle sticks reaching out to the lost.
Coloring pages cut out of a book. Crayola Red for the life that they took. Hanging right there, plain as could be, salvation's story so rich and so free.
Her mom didn't need that stuff anymore. Oh but just in case, there's a picture of grace on the refrigerator door.
Now it's never easy to parent alone.
One stormy night he didn't come home.
She wondered how things could be where they are.
She sat in the kitchen alone in the dark.
She whispered a prayer; she gave up the fight. The answer was there in the pale moonlight.
Cotton ball sheep, an old wooden cross made of Popsicle sticks reaching out to the lost.
Coloring pages cut out of a book. Crayola Red for the life that they took. Hanging right there, plain as could be, salvation's story so rich and so free.
It never touched her like this before, with tears on her face, she found grace on the refrigerator door.
Daughters grow up; they move away. They start a family and maybe some day, life takes a turn and she's full of doubt; she'll come home to figure things out.
A fresh cup of coffee; a moment of grace, down from the attic and back into place...
Lovingly placed as they were before, all of the answers were right there on the refrigerator door.
Cotton ball sheep, an old wooden cross
made of Popsicle sticks reaching out to the lost. Coloring pages cut out of a book.
Crayola Red for the life that they took.
Hanging right there, plain as could be, salvation's story so rich and so free.
For all of the things that life has in store,
and when everything's wrong, He was there all along on the refrigerator door.
Thank God for grace, glitter and paste
on the refrigerator door.

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- i love it so much it helped me a lot - guest / May 6, 2021

This song has such a great message to it. Mark Bishop has outstanding songwriting talent. - guest / Feb 13, 2021

I just heard this song on the radio on 104.7. It touched me and tells the story of so many families that are saved through children going to Sunday School. What a blessing Sunday School provides! - guest / Sep 12, 2020

Love this sweet amazing song! The lyrics and the music, so simple yet so profoundly true. The love of God so gentle and kind! - guest / Aug 23, 2018

- I absolutely love this from the first time I heard it! It's true you can find GRACE anywhere if you look hard enough. Even on the refrigerator door! - bakinggardens / Aug 7, 2018

Bring back great child hood memories!! all VBS and Sunday school teachers and workers should listen, and know how important their work is and blessed - guest / Jul 20, 2018

What memories.I placed those things on the door with such pride. Looking thru adult eyes, I too can see God's hand working even when I was a child. God's love & grace. - guest / Jul 7, 2018

Thank the Lord for Sunday School teachers. The impact of what is learned lasts for eternity. Love this song. - guest / May 7, 2018

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