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Pro Pain by Mars Ill

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Write of Passage
by Mars Ill

Album: Pro Pain

if someone should ask what its like for me to pass through this life
every message that gets captured, every passage i write
becomes the evidence my head is filled with immaculate artifacts
catchin rap from fallin back to wherever yall started at
id rather face the future with improvement if you call it that
poetical movement, im battlin alcoholic rap
adamant about havin to gatherin while all of that
aggression is replaced with kind faces and palm slaps
were trappin ourselves inside of this mindframe
attracted to wealth and these media mind games
i cant imagine we believe in the lies they say
over and over again, tryin to take over within
they try to force the pain and hatred on my brain space
every so often, your enemy has the same face
as the reflection that youre standin there starin at
so never rest, just try to be planned prepared for that

we write to enlighten, write to get it movin
write for the right to organize revolutions
we battle and fight when we grabbin the mic
try to master this life with every passage we write 2x

one shot scatters the pattern with each fact to the matter
and watch these rappers use my back as a ladder to climb high
we fly by phoenix wingspan fanned out
i take my hindsight in advance and watch it pan out
i overstand out and fill up every handout
this even tone of voice louder than when you and your man shout
grants out the ?? with fire in the chamber
desire reign of stranger when steady drivin through danger
lock, load, ready, aim, cant settle for anything
savin up my spare change, the galaxy is fair game
so let it rain down, blood plain and simple
plan stoppin on city limits, consider me the middle man
answer the riddle of the give and the got
its just a manner of speakin if you live on my block
im on it wether you with it or not
feelin the shock of the blackest sheep in the flock who refuses to stop

i put my life between the lines, find the peace within the page
makin sense without a steady wage, to place upon my name
take a lesson and profess it so the blessin can be heard
walk the land to show my fellow man the value of the written word
i wont disturb the peace, i speak of peace and mind
reachin out to teach but people rarely try to take the time
to find what really matters through all the glam and glitz
id rather gather fam and turn my grammar into hits
but whats the purpose, its all about the surface
most would rather learn about my work and not the person
that ive worked to be, and certainly, that doesnt work for me
it hurts to see the music lack a proper sense of urgency
i work to be immersed in culture and diversity
to form a perfect circle, but instead i face adversity
i ?? the curse (occurs?) to live a life without expression
so i disperse a verse to try to find the right direction

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