D.A.B (Dodged A Bullet) by Mission

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All of You None of Me by Mission

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D.A.B (Dodged A Bullet)
by Mission

Album: All of You None of Me


Yeah, yeah
All of You None of Me


Uh, rollin' with my partner through the hood
On the ten-speed
We was skippin' school to blow trees
I was sixteen
School was callin' mama
Talkin' 'bout they ain't seen me
Had a lie together
Just in case we need a plan B
Brodie came through with the J's
"Where'd you get 'em?"
Told me not to worry 'bout it
You can't fit 'em, mind yo' business
"I ain't ask you all that
Man, tell me, why you trippin?
If you really wanna know
Lean in closer, take a listen"
It was midnight
I was hangin' with my older brother
Said, "It's time to hit a lick
You gotta come to be my cover"
Pulled up to the house
We approached it from the back side
"You hold yo' position, look and listen
I'll be out in five"
Came out the back
With some jewelry and some cash
Had a system with the games
And these J's in the bag
I said, "Hold up
That was y'all that robbed that house?"
He said, "Shhh, calm down
Why you talkin' so loud?"
Yeah, it was easy
Five minutes, we was gone
"'Bout to hit another one
I think you should come along"
"You think I should come along?"
I'm like, "Tuh, I don't know"
He said, "Why you scary?
It ain't like we gon' get caught"
I said, "Man, what if we do?"
He said, "Bruh, but we ain't"
Told him, "Next lick my brother girl house
They outta state
I can't lie it sound temptin'
Is it easy as you say?"
He said, "Bruh, I'm tryna tell you
It's gon' be a piece of cake"
Thought about it for some days
Then I told him I was down
He said, "Cool, let's go tomorrow
And you better not chicken out"
"Man, I never been a sucker
I don't know what you talkin' 'bout"
He said, "OK, tomorrow night
You can just meet us at the house"
The time came, I was nervous
I was really second guessin'
I was pacin', heart pumpin'
Veins poppin', hands sweatin'
Started thinkin' consequences
Jail time, 5 to 7, inmate
Cell 2, locked up
No commissary
I told 'em, "Pull over the whip
I can't do it"
Told me, "Bruh, stop trippin'
Smoke this, it get you through it"
I said, "Bruh, let me out
I really got a bad feelin'"
He let me out by the curb
Then proceeded on a mission
Was a long walk home
On the other side of town
I was happy I ain't do it
But I let my homie down
When I finally made it home
Went to the room and laid down
Hit the power on the TV
Started turnin' up the sound
I was flippin' through the channel
Hopefully to catch some highlights
Then I started to reflect
On what could've been a crazy night
Went to the kitchen, I was thirsty
Got some juice
Went back to the room
All I heard was, "Breaking News"
Two males got arrested
And they chargin' them with burglary
A bullet to the leg
They gon' booked 'em after surgery
Stood and shook my head like
"Man, that could've been me"
Hands on my head like
"Wow, that could've been me"
Sighed in relief
At the same time, shook
And turn my head left
Just to see my mom look
Said, "The teacher called the other day
You was playin' hookie"
Ain't even try to fight it
I just stood and took the whoopin'


Yeah, this the way
That always seem right to a man
In the ?
If the Lord is callin'
Better listen to the Man
This the time he helped my dodge a bullet
Dab, aye
Watch me dab
Helped my dodge a bullet
Watch me dab, aye
Now watch me dab
He helped my dodge a bullet


This had killed me, uh
Way to had a chance, uh
'Cause I dodged that bullet, uh
And I dodge another bullet, uh
And I dodge another bullet, uh
Because His grace and mercy, uh
Has covered me, uh
Yeah, what?

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