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Had To - Single by Mission

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Had To
by Mission

Album: Had To - Single


It's gon' be a sunny, sunny day
It's gon' be a sunny, sunny day
Yeah, pull up on yo' avenue

Verse 1

We ain't need permission
We ain't asked you
Came up from the trenches
'Cause we had to
Comin' up from the bottom
We just passed you
Gimme that sunshine
'Cause it's past due
It's been a long time comin'
Never thought we'd turn
Nothin' into somethin'
I was always told to stay and fight
No runnin'
Standin' at the top
And we ready for launchin'


I just wanna fly
I just wanna fly, yeah, uh, yeah
I heard the rain don't last
Always (always)
I heard the pain don't last
Anyway (anyway)
Keep it movin', all gas
No breaks
Only with the real in the field
No fake (no fakes)


Aye, I just changed my circle
'Cause I had to ('cause I had to)
Payin' more attention
'Cause I had to
Because he slang them rocks
He said he had to (you know I had to)
I just said a prayer for 'em
'Cause I had to (yeah)
I looked him in his eyes
'Cause I had to
Let that man slide
'Cause I had to (you know I had to)
Takin' care of mine
'Cause I had to (I had to)
I went through that pain
'Cause I had to (you know I had to)


I had to

Verse 2

I don't fit into they circle
It's nothin' personal
Mission sing now
Man, I told y'all I was versatile
Told a grown man
Get yo' action up, you too verbal
I take the pain
They say, "The truth gon' hurt you"
I walk with the roosters
Watch out for Satan, he gonna fool you
I'm lookin' forward to the future
I've been amazin', I've been the loser
Think I've been down for a week
I had to forget, that season was crucial
I had some beef with the wife
I told her I love her, the feelin' was mutual, uh
I went out and chased all of my dreams
'Cause I had to
Left and went and got all of my beans
'Cause I had to
Went to God and told him, "I wanna be free"
'Cause I had to
If they askin' why I got down on my knees
'Cause I had to


I just wanna fly
I had to
I just wanna fly
I had to
I just wanna fly
It's gon' be a sunny, sunny day
It's gon' be a sunny, sunny day

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