Monologue by Mouth of the South

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by Mouth of the South

Album: Transparency

So here we are again, miles apart because I'm stuck in this depression that feels like possession because the progression of my transgressions led to an obsession with digression. So here is my confession.

I don't grow I just regress

Cause I've got this heart full of regret

And the pain keeps seeping in

Now my foundation is a mess
Cause when I sit inside this house it never feels like it's my home. I am crashing and I am sinking and I don't wanna go down alone.

So speak to me

I'm sick of talking to these walls. Can you even hear me?

What if I said I don't believe in you?

Would we at least be making progress?

You said luke-warm and you would spit me out

Well I tried to be on fire, but these waves have snuffed me out

I'm washed up on this stage screaming at the heavens up above me. I'm weak and unashamed cause I've got nothing left to lose

If this is what it takes to be alive then I'll scream until my heart is beating

I'm afraid to die, cause I know I'm so far away from you

It's not that I'm lost, it's just that I can't seem to find the strength to carry on, to carry on one more day. I know the way, it's been engraved in my head. But what was supposed to make me alive has left me feeling dead. It's time to come clean so here is the honest truth. I've let my emotion take the place of you.

Give it time give it time. I've heard it all before. But I've been waiting for so long. Give me something more than an unbelieving heart and malcontent. I'm desperate for the strength to say "I was born for this"

When did emotion become my reality? I've tried and I've tried to be the man that you made me to be.

My flesh is weary and my spirit is dead, I've got so many questions, get them out of my head!

Where were you when my walls came crashing in?

Where were you when she walked away never to come back again?
Were you asleep when my heart turned to stone and sunk me into this sea?

Where were you? God, where are you?

Take me back to when I was young (take me back)

I want to feel alive again

I want to love you like I once did

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