Dallas Freestyle by NXT Move, Henrik, Coop, Christopher Syncere

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Dallas Freestyle
by NXT Move, Henrik, Coop, Christopher Syncere

Album: It Has To Be God

Intro: ?
Let's go
Ayy, ayy, woah
Talk to me, Cooper
We're literally freestyling right now (Uh)
And people, like everybody's gonna hear this (Yeah!)
Just tell me when to go (Start if off)
Go Cooper, yeah

Verse 1: Coop & Henrik
Hold on
This is to entice the fans (Uh-huh)
I rock the double chains 'cause I'm twice the man (Woah!)
We just ate chicken, it was air-fried (Mm)
I'm 'bout to go MJ, air time

Verse 2: Christopher Syncere
Look, I'm 'bout to go MJ, air time
I just pulled up with that Stronghold, homie, sky high
You and me, we got a weak connection, Wi-Fi
I just pulled the winnin' cart like Shy Guy, pass it off

Verse 3: Henrik
Shy Guy, Shy Guy, trust me, I'm a wise guy
I just ran into yo girl, she told me I'm a nice guy (Nice guy)
That stinks, I guess I'm in the friend zone
But I'm like a Cupid when I pass it in the endzone

Verse 4: Coop
Pass it in the endzone, yeah, we go floating
I've got the potion, magic like the ocean
I'm whippin' like some lotion, it's smooth, yeah
And you know we're 'bout to catch it like the groove

Verse 5: Christopher Syncere
I said you know we're 'bout to catch it like the groove
Me and Coop and Henrik, baby, NXT MOVE
And we're 'bout to go and get it, that's proof
Look, everyday we're speakin' for the truth, full truth

Verse 6: Henrik
Holes in my jeans for the holes in my heart
Homie, I don't need a freezer, I been cold from the start, hey!
Every time I flow up on the beat, that's some heart
And I'm flowin' on that thing like I was Noah with the ark

Verse 7: Coop
Ayy, Noah with the ark, that's the Bible, what we're readin'
Everyday we preachin', you know we get the Spirit to the people like we eatin'
And you know we do this every day, every weekend
Bro there's no sleeping

Verse 8: Christopher Syncere
Look, homie there's no sleeping
Homie, we just freestylin' at the table, we feastin'
And that's a free man, that's a free man
Chris Dean is up, no, no, no, I'm not Chris Dean, I'm Christopher Syncere
Homie, ?
I just took the chandelier
I might swing from the chandelier like Sia, you can't see me
I'm John Cena lookin' up, look, I just, ha-ha, ha-ha-ha (Ain't ?, frick)

Verse 9: Coop
End this thing, we gotta close it out quick, uh
I'm so cold, I think I might be sick
Uh, acapella if you let it go now
Like oh my goodness, they ain't even ready for the style
They like, "Wow, what is this? I ain't heard this on an album"
Eh, we gon' drop it and it might just go Platinum (Facts)
If it don't, that's fine, this is fun
We just do it for the Lord, yeah, we do it for the Lord
Oh my goodness (mumbling)

Outro: ?
Oh, uh, yes sir
Wife beater on but I still respect women
I just wanted to say that, you know
They gon' rock with this, bro, let's go

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