Put You On by PRo, Melah, Decipha

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PSA Volume 2 by PRo

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Put You On
by PRo, Melah, Decipha

Album: PSA Volume 2
by PRo, Melah, Decipha

[Hook: PRo]
I'm a put you on, I'm a put you on
I'm a-I'm a put you on, I'm a put you on
I'm a put you on, I'm a put you on
Act-act-act like you don't know so I'm a tell you who the King is

[Verse 1: PRo]
He sit high, look low
Demand glory, that's what yo breath for
So while you say you make it rain, thunder showers
You ain't talkin' 'bout a thang, Boomhauer
Elohim, the only King of the Hill
You can look at his creation, understand that he real
It's like we hate God, love evil
Sick sense, I see dead people
Now I'm alive with no Bruce Willis but I die harder
Murder my flesh so now my heart cling to the Father
Talk 'bout my wrist my ice how fly I am, why even bother
I'm on that Hydro Man, living water
And I sip strong, but what I taste never get empty
You know my clique strong, so I brought Chi-town in here with me
So gone, you know we off in our zone
Excuse me I know you busy but let me put-put-put you on

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Melah]
Ate his flesh, drank his blood, nah I ain't a cannibal
Radical, he let me out the cage like I was an animal
For the High Priest, chief capital
Above international, tell me who's compatible
To the one who sits high and looks low
I'm a put you on to the one you don't know
Got that chopper you're really for, chasin' gucci and that Louie so material
Is that all you livin' for?
Lookin' good physical but you're miserable, dead chick spiritual
Come to Christ who's God, John 6: 44
Create in you a new heart miracle, got an ear?
Let 'em hear the gospel, with God anything is possible
So get up off your knees doing obscene things
And bow to the one who redeems, repent and believe
Spend your life with the King, lil' mama did that
Now she on her Luke 9: 2-3 sayin' [?]
[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Decipha]
They act like they don't know about him, fine without and go without him
Finding all they rules without him, prodigy of those that doubt him
Settle in supressing any granite that will show the ruler
King is on the real and true, drownin' in a slew of foolish
[?] gotta hit 'em with the flow
Dedicated to give 'em what they livin' put it on
You could see me when I was deliberately livin' wrong
Got the delivery when I was sick within the zone
Look at the way that he got me runnin' with the crew
Who seekin' the benefits and givin' up what they knew
We call him the body we comin' with livin' water
And now we're convicted even though many [?]
Tell 'em 'bout the King and how he died in my place
Also we don't have to live like we're fake
[?] to the many goin' hard in the paint
So the King that would die for us plain in sight make it
Check out our lineage trace it
You can try to figure [?] kill 'em if you want
And while these bastards are head over heels for they sin
We get on and get in with your homies
I'll put them to whatever took me from dry
The very someone that brought me up until the redeemer
He pointed me to the word, I could see that it was Christ
A beautiful image of what he did on any majors
Get 'em put 'em on
We can never be arbitrary while these men and women [?]
We pray he'll forgive 'em before they bodies hit the ground
Showin' 'em the King before they runnin' out of time

Ya'll mind if I just, I come back?
I felt [?] I felt left out.

[Hook x2]

[Verse 4: Katalyst]
I'm a put you on, think you ball 'cause you got a nice phone
A little ice glowin', a pretty young thing on both your arms you think you grown
But homie you is wrong, think you on but you just old
Think this home? You just lost, say life's hard, lemme heal your soul
I know it sounds crazy comin' from a stranger, tellin' of a Savior and I'm a change ya
Put 'em to the spot and he rockin' of a banger, step to the block and he rockin' yo bling
Why? 'Cause I'm tryna put you on 'fore it's time to put you out
Like the rhymin' on this song baby, time is runnin' out
Feel me? So we all are born disgusting and filthy
Shouldn't be discussing how he can touch or heal me
I haven't gone to rehab [?] my drugs, my life through the mud
My five-step program was called blood
But lemme break it down, this is real important
Everyone goes in the ground, everyone's created for his glory
Jesus can hold you down, I'm tellin' the same story
I'm tryna put you on 'fore he starts takin' inventory homie [?]

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