Daywalkers by Propaganda, Lecrae

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Crimson Cord by Propaganda

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by Propaganda, Lecrae

Album: Crimson Cord

Could we just get three minutes of your time, give or take a second or two?
See, when they ask you about the culture, tell them I know it well
This what you get when you mix Tony Hawk with Ice Cube, NWA, and the Bones Brigade
Let me talk to them

Verse 1: Propaganda
Catch me copping nag Champa north corner of Santee or
Twenty minutes east of South Central, that's West Covi
Broken families imposter, black rocking white Rasta
Jimi Hendrix, Courtland Urbano mocking all your preconceived
The narrative fight great, the heritage makes a man stand with his spine straight
The ground that grew Kendrick, Anthony Kiedis, Incubus
Music that speaks to the Jim Morris in each of us
Shared the same nutrients, except mine got laced with divine DNA, ?
The child of a freedom fighter, trialed like graffiti writers
Wild like the Freedom Riders
We are all daywalkers, hybrids, bilingual, bicultural
Flowing in the King's tongue, Elohim and human one
Rosetta Stone with a mic and some Chucks on
All things to all men, so all men say "Amen!"

When you're the product of a Panther and mama's prayers answered
You don't even think twice
You be like "Let's go!"
When they ask you about the culture, say "I know it well"

Verse 2: Lecrae
Hey look, my homies told me back when I was playing my Nintendo
To stay away from windows, cause bullets, they tend to hit those
My mama told when I got the PSone
To skip the BS and lead us or be as numb
As every other brother throwing up colors in my community
I knew better, but couldn't do better but then I grew to be
The same dude reading Wayne Grudem even though I grew up
Listening to Snoop and Ice Cube, be amused
Had the music we used that to bruise cat's egos
Nowadays you might find me under the steeple
Preaching to the people or making me a sequel
To mixtapes, get shin scrapes at skate parks
I'm everything in one; I'm a product of great art
I'm a product of Descartes, Tim Keller, and Outkast
Iconoclast the glass ceiling that they put above me
The reason that they hate me, the same reason they love me


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