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Crimson Cord by Propaganda

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Thanks Rev
by Propaganda

Album: Crimson Cord

Uuugh Me-Memoranda? Is that what is it Memor-?
Brother, Memoranda right?
Oh I'm sorry! Oh, Propaganda, I'm sorry
Um, um, please forgive me, with the, with the forgiveness of the Lord
Ugh, look, my name is Dr. Bishop Holton the 3rd Jr. ugh, Pastor of the Mountain Dew Missionary Baptist Church of God and Christ of the Greater Riverside area
I just want to say that that new album, that new album, blessed my soul brother
Ugh, I don't even know if you know but, I had to use it in my Sunday morning service
I say I told the congregation this album right hea! was named directly after the Denzel Washington movie Crimson Tide
See, it it's kinda like a audio sequel with Denzel and Jesus starring in it, but going to war against the devil, now--
Oh oh, it's called Crimson Cord? Aaaah…. I see. Well it doesn't matter it's the same difference
Well I like the Crimson Cord, that's even better
Cause the Bible says, ugh that ah, in the book, ahha
Of Acts HA, Chapter 2 HA, verse number 1 HA, that when the day of Pentecost had fully come HA
That all the disciples HA, was in one place HA
In one accord HA, or like in this case HA
I like to say crimson cord HA
Or in laymans terms HA, a brick red Honda Accord HA
Do yea hear me HA
(singing: See I don't know)ha
Of it was a 2 door ha, or it was a 4 door ha
(singing: but what I know) ha
Is that they were riding for Jesus ha
They said (singing: Jesus ha, gon' and take the wheel

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