Life Changed Me by Proxy, Ayinde Russell, Caleb McCampbell

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Magnificent by Proxy

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Life Changed Me
by Proxy, Ayinde Russell, Caleb McCampbell

Album: Magnificent

I am a man of stubborn earth,
A reddened clay waiting to take shape,
Dirt – cultivated from the hard press of holy hands, storms and bitter rain,
Lord – this is for the intention in your grip,
The sovereignty of your finger tips,
The reason I am what I am,
What is humanity that you are mindful of us,
You called us out of soil and make us bounty for heaven,
We are life, breadth and sweat under constant mold,
Pockets of dust made living souls,
You handle us – under circumstances miraculous,
And use it all for the glory you intend to see…
Life changed me

Verse 1:
They ask me "what's good"?
I tell them "everything",
Cause life runs full circle like a wedding ring,
Every stop and station – that that don't mean a thing,
Means a lot of things – with a little patience,
A dash of mercy and a touch of grace,
Is like my kick drum – to my smooth bass,
We make beautiful music – so everybody sing,
The way, the truth, the life – changed everything,
Went head knowledge, to college, then on the job,
So that I show what I know when the fires hot,
And we all feel it – like rays of the sun,
You cried last night – well here the morning comes,
And you can watch me run – or you can join the race,
It's all up to you – there is no second place,
Chance, regrets, happenstance, upsets,
When you live life on purpose – then life is what you get.

All around the world – you gone hear this song,
Got trouble in my life – but it don't last that long,
God's grace pulled me back when I was too far gone,
Was weak now I'm strong cause… LIFE CHANGED ME,
And what I do – I do it for my family,
It's gonna take the man in me to conqueror this insanity,
I was too far gone,
Chance can't be this man… LIFE CHANGED ME!
(Repeat 2x)

Verse 2:
And what was gonna didn't turn out how I thought it would be, I guess I don't know everything, far as I can see ain't sufficient when it comes to the big picture, We can never see for poorer but we always see for richer, but I still take this life, and what it represents, the ups and downs - past present and future tense, When it doesn't - kinda and makes a lot of sense, I'll remember I'm not just living at my expense - it's for their profit too - I guess I'm living proof, it's both what you do in life and what it does in you, how it makes you new - Know things you never knew, here a million lies - so you could really want the truth, and after all when said I couldn't take it, look at me now thank God I made it, still makin it count, divided by time - take away mine, plus love - all designed to get my life to that bottom line.

(Chorus 2x)

La la la la la la, la la la la la laaa,
La la la la – la la,
La la la la la la, la la la la la laaa,
La la la la – la la
(Repeat 1x)

(Chorus 1x)

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