Rise by Proxy, Braille, Propaganda, Cha'Rel Wright

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Magnificent by Proxy

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by Proxy, Braille, Propaganda, Cha'Rel Wright

Album: Magnificent

Verse 1 (Braille):
Rise from the ashes my pride and passion is to prize the everlastin' more than self-satisfaction,
But on the average my actions show that I'm more of a savage and less of a saint now I'm learnin' lessons in restraint,
Cause it's so easy to taint the picture you try to paint,
When you try with all your strength to do something you can't,
Stretchin' to rhyme rise to the occasion,
I'm here lookin' for signs waitin' for the right time,- to stretch wings instead of rhyme schemes,
But it seems like these arms might not be able to fly,
Let's be real I walk on land with two feet the earth dweller,
No feathers, no propellers, no jetpack on my back,
It's a setback but when I step back I see the contrast,
The rise and the fall I acknowledge it all,
My sin, my guilt, my shame, my God have mercy on a sinner like me I wanna rise!

We didn't start the fire but one thing's for sure yeah we came to burn,
Pushing out the planet - had to wait my turn, enough is enough I'm about to erupt blow up, watch me rise!
I rise! (Repeat 6x)
Rise! (Repeat 6x)

Verse 2 (Propaganda):
Homie the story is not new it's practiced and rehearsed,
And my little brothers' blood is still stain on my converse,
Courage to fight wars man it ain't really that extreme I just picture my daughters face and run straight to the screams,
And I've never accepted that environments can make a person too many good examples and ample exceptions,
Serious sufferin' servant service the wordiest of all emcees should all be nervous boy I ain't budgin',
Still hold a grudge and I bludgeon my own flesh and
Serve these superfluous rappers with superb word play,
As long as Elohim pleases He excites my windpipes with cool breezes of insight to ignite change,
I don't even speak of haters waste of breadth don't care at all,
I am in communication with the one who made it all,
Elevate execute excellent no excuse,
Confident competent the risen King He's got this, yeah!


Proxy Verse:
Internal pressure mounted, too many mistakes to count it, my worst enemy is me will I ever break loose - break free? Some doubt it,
Because how I act about it, but still I talk about my destiny - what I want to be - success and my reach out and grab it,
Self sabotage my story,- lot of hard work - little glory, with friends like me who needs enemies - judges and juries,
Everyday I'm guilty - so filthy - not worthy, hangups hung me to dry - so many times - livin a lie,
Feels like I gotta die - for me to fly, something is calling my name - calling me out - tellin me to rise,
Above statistical facts - every last odd they've stacked, them generational whips - that I got on my back,
Something's gotta change, and it starts with me, I gotta resist - rebel - re-escape - all for that "give us free",
Awake from from your sleep - slumber no more, tomorrow's right now let's sing out show the world what we came here for!!


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