Magnificent by Proxy, John Gillette

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Magnificent by Proxy

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by Proxy, John Gillette

Album: Magnificent

Ohhhh – open your eyes,
Everything around me testify,- oh!
Can you see it – and hear it?
I'm magnificent!
Ohhhh ohh – open your eyes,
Everything around me testifies,- oh!
Do you feel it – and hear it?
I'm magnificent oh.

Verse 1:
Go, you can see it in the elements - hear it in the instruments - I'm magnificent,
Unmatched excellence - first class elegance - light through the clouds when the darkness settle in,
Low, is exactly how I came in - odds all stacked against - dreams seemed pretend - negative pretense - doubtful I will ever win - survival of the fittest? so I gotta get it while I can,
Though the pressure pressure made me perfect – earth, wind, fire, water - together they're workin,
Workin out my purpose - hurt me and it's worth it - so people worldwide recognize who am I?! I'm-a rise...
Verse 2:
Slow-complete - every single second of 30 years plus ONE made me what I am now,
Sow - I endure to the end – had to learn how to win – if I'm knowin' what I'm talkin' bout,
Pleasure is crack so I choose pain,- when it's over I can feel what I gained,
And it's real strange, the meaning of my name,- in the ends up being exactly why I came,
It's almost like it's planned or maybe like it's claimed - legendary not fame, testimony - no shame,
This is not a game,- kinda simple – never plain, you don't have to know the face cause there's power in the name! (I'm sayin'!)
(Chorus 2x)
Verse 3:
Words sung,- letters written,- notes played,- cans sprayed,- cave etch,- hyrogliph,- check the gate,- ink stained,
Thunder clap,- sky scrape,- spinnin' on your axis,- photosynth,- breathe it in,- listen to my symphony,
Paint a perfect picture – put it on your skyline, atomic in your proton – I am not hard to find,
So what's the bottom line? Magnificence… everywhere – every time!
And you can tell the hood - I'll holla at them shortly, forgot where I'm from? Nah – got a little thirsty,
Bringin water to the desert – food for the hungry,- stripes and I'm worthy, I only want one thing… you ta!
(Chorus 2x)
And there ain't no limit - much bigger than a word,- I live it - all over the world they feel it - and you can't kill it - cause even when my blood goes spillin' – the universe stand at attention - and they screamin out… yeah!

(Chorus 2x)

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