We Livin' by Proxy, Julia Clayton

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Magnificent by Proxy

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We Livin'
by Proxy, Julia Clayton

Album: Magnificent

Forever – it starts right now, so watch me touch the clouds,-
I'll show you how; nothing can hold me down,
I-see-my-future-it-goes-on-for-miles… and miles it goes on

On top chillin',- world keeps spinnin',
What more can I say? We livin'!
I think I'll live forever,
No I won't die - no never,
On top chillin', world keeps spinnin',
What more can I say? We livin'!
Oh yes I'll live forever,
Cause I am something like eternal.
(Repeat 1x)

Verse 1:
He let me hold a watch – borrowed time man it ain't that long,
That's why I'm talking to forever when I sing this song,- holla back,
The promise land – that's where I'm gone, same place where my family from – in a minute.
Light years – I'm racing a billion – tripped over a black hole I'm so resilient,
Walkin' in the Light now – that's why I'm brilliant,-
Infinity – oh what a feelin'! I got it!

(Chorus 2x)

Verse 2:
Life what it is – nothin' but an echo of everything I give,
Everything I said, everything I did, that's why I gotta thank God He forgives,- plus He forgets,
Like it never lived,- but what I spit, the whole world hears – my legacy lives - way past seconds, minutes or years,-
It extends further than family, friends and peers,
Quite simply I'm here - with no fear - and I will not stop til i make it to the top,
And there is no top - so I will not stop,
Really I'm-a give it - Give it all that I got,
On everything so I'm - so I'm holding a lot,
Can't nobody take my spot!
Even - even when the casket drop I will not,
Ready to roll? Let's rock!

(Chorus 2x)

La la la la la la – la la la la la,
La la la la la la – la la la la la laaaa…
I-see-my-future-it-goes-on-miles… and miles it goes on (forever)

I cannot die - I'm so alive,
(Repeat 7x)

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