Crash Landing by Proxy, Shonlock, Mr. Del

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Magnificent by Proxy

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Crash Landing
by Proxy, Shonlock, Mr. Del

Album: Magnificent

Verse 1:
Tear the club up - tear the freakin' club up,
Do it for the truth not just for the thug love,
Givin' me looks cause,- they ain't never heard of,
Nothin' like this but we just on the warm up (ha ha),
Word up – motivation in my cup,
I'm an alien let me – let me learn ya,
Been watchin' from my spot and enough is enough,
Bout to tear it down till they screaming turn it up!,
(Turn it Up!) Crash Landing – let the smoke clear,
No matter why I'm here – please take me to your leader,
Got boots on the street – propaganda on the wire,
It's a cold cold war,- light the world on fire!

Y'all haters just can't stand it,
We run circles round your planet,
What's the damage – just crash-landed in here (Awwwww Yeahhhhh! – Let's Work!)
Put down a little now I'm workin' with a lot,
Put down a little now I'm workin' with a lot,
Put down a little now I'm workin' with a lot,
Pulled down a little now I'm workin' WORKIN'!
(Repeat 1x)

Verse 2:
Heard it on the news - see it to believe it,
We are so extra - outta space even,
This is P-rox - this is my season,
Death to the satellite - down with the demon,
(Shonlock) – Awww… golly gee, wally crash the party on a dolly,
Kick – push – paradigm shift while I ollie,
Follow me on a trolly – maybe me and you could polly – cause you know, I could use somebody,
Ha ha, awww…
See them catch on clique characters loose character,
When the conscious come to clash and abolish the past,
Blast! Kick – ball – paragraph smash,
Not much longer will this non-sense last,
Gettin' loaded off the letters that my leader left look,
Fresh burial resurrection book,
Shook – come and get a little better look,
Death to the flesh is all it really took


Verse 3:
Make the body rock – make the rock,
Let the change start – let the same stop,
(Repeat 1x)
(Mr. Del) – Uh, kingdom come – I'm from,
Mr. bang heads like bum pa rum pa pum pum pum,
All about the Son – crash land for the fun,
Me and Holy South got them demons on the run – huh,
Yeah, I get busy when I want to,
Bring me a soul and I just might front you,
I came to tear I down – just to build it up,
Ground zero with my hero hold up catch up,
What up? Memphis in the building,
Came to represent for all God's children,
Man I went platinum and it didn't take a million,
Impact multiply – goin on a zillion.


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