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Magnificent by Proxy

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History of Me
by Proxy

Album: Magnificent

It's the history of me an exquisite tragedy, open up my heart and tell me what you see,
Purpose in my pain innocence to victory, beautiful again it's the history of me.
(Repeat 1x)

Verse 1:
Write it on paper - score it in a song - sing my melody,
Awesome through the pain - innocence to victory,
Splash it on a canvas - or shape the greatest artifact,-
Perspective in my rearview,- I am on the right track,
Top of shoulder - lookin back, I finally overstand,
It was all part of the plan, make me a man,- so I,
Made it product so not only would you hear me but the voices of the young unseen,- ya mean,
Better still - ya understand? Instill it like a brand, old stories - young man, if I made it then you can,
Where u been? where u goin? does it all make sense?
I can tell you firsthand yes it can or no it can't,
It's up you and what view you're looking through,
Cause this life is real funny - you need 1 to get to 2,
Just like you need me to get to you,
So when you hear it - know it's truth.

(Chorus 2x)

Verse 2:
Time line it, stretch it out across my years seen,
Pick up the pieces and tell me what it all means,
Come together build a bridge start a family,
We got a future - but first you got a history - see,
Every stage - watch me bleed - hear me sing,
Hold my tune till return of the king, oh yes I will,
With very little crowd appeal,-
But on the streets folks know that its real turn the lights down,
Age 8 I saw my future in the skies - no lie, but the prize on the other side,
People only knew what they could see - get wise,
A whole lot of pressure so I'm hiding in disguise
Behind,- thick glasses but then that thug break out soon,
Calm before the storm - it's a monsoon - smoke plume,
2 different people but my name is the same,
Pour water on my own flame - my own blame I know,
The friction inside's startin to burn,
Gotta satisfy my yearn cause the tables now turned,
So ain't no shame in my game - I've learned,
Respect is commanded but my purpose is earned,
Chasing curves - switching skirts everyday,
But I'll let 'em all go cause destiny is my baby,
And she whispered in my ear just wait,
It'll all make sense soon after the break - just live,
But what I wouldn't give for 1 more week,
Seems like the good take steps but the bad take leaps,
Let's go the distance - the pain can't be in vain,
Or at least that's what the strings say... its the history of me.


(Chorus 1x)

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