Shut It Down by Rawsrvnt, PyRexx

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Shut It Down by Rawsrvnt

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Shut It Down
by Rawsrvnt, PyRexx

Album: Shut It Down

Chorus: Rawsrvnt & PyRexx
Man it's the same thing / Just a different day / Hustle hard / Stay in charge / That's how I stay / Live life / No dice / That's the way I play / If you want it / You can get it today / 'Cause we on / Shut it down / Shut it down / We on / Shut it down / Shut it down / Man we on / Shut it down / Shut it down / We on / Shut it down / We on / Shut it down

Verse 1: Rawsrvnt
Man I'm on that / Dikembe wave / You can't stop me / Check my resume / Lights out / Game tight / Game ready / You stack the chips against me / My deepest sympathy / Yeah / Talk is cheap boy / You gotta walk it out / Real G's in these streets know what I'm talking bout / Game recognize game / Got no time for fakes / If you fake / I can smell you like a mile away / 'Cause you know and they know / That I go hard / And I don't ever back down / Nah / So you can bring your entire squad / I will beat down all of y'all / Without no hesitation / You wanna test my patience / Come test my patience / Just know that the kid don't play / I Kevin Hart on you fakers / Man you gon' learn today / Hey


Verse 2: PyRexx
Pulled up / Jumped out / Cocked back / Pow pow / No games / Not now / It will go down / You beefing / You talking / You bluffing┬ / Remember I took you from nothing┬ / Be careful and watch what you bumping┬ / That Internet get you in trouble┬ / (It will) / You don't wanna know the old me┬ / (No you don't) / I'ma tell you like they told me┬ / (What they say) / You reap what you sow / You keep what you stoled┬ / Get hit with a dome piece┬ / (Pow) / Shut it down┬ / You a clown┬ / Thumbs down┬ / My time / (Right) / Now┬ / I came from the streets from the bottom┬ / I ain't never had a role model┬ / (No I ain't) / Coke head like a coke bottle┬ / (Eight ball) / Do what you want when you popping┬ / I'll do like I did Chewbacca / (I will) / Crush it then kill it then drop it / (Here you go) / Really don't matter if you like it┬ / (No I don't) / Calm down homie you excited┬ / (Too much) / That right there is a no no┬ / A little too much on your mojo┬ / Messing with me that's a no go / Look in my eyes I'm stone cold killer / I don't know one that is realer┬ / Trying to do right for my children┬ / But you gonna make me get with ya┬


Bridge: PyRexx
I know what it cost / I know what I'm worth / (What I'm worth) / Grew into a boss ever since my birth / (Since my birth) / Ran into them laws slanging all that work / (All that work) / They breaking different laws / It's a different dirt / (A different dirt) / A different skirt / A different flirt / A different day / (A different day) / Me and Rawsrvnt don't have no time to play / (No time to play) / We had that choppa you can stop us let it spray / (Let it spray) / You want it you can get it / You don't have to wait / Ha


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