My Statement - The End by Rawsrvnt, T Haddy, Malachi, Gideonz Army

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A Decade of Faith by Rawsrvnt

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My Statement - The End
by Rawsrvnt, T Haddy, Malachi, Gideonz Army

Album: A Decade of Faith

Chorus: T Haddy
I'ma do this to the end / Yep I'm gonna do this to the end / Yep I'm gonna rep Him to the end / You ain't gotta be the fastest, strongest, long as you make it to the end

Verse 1: Rawsrvnt
I'ma make it to the end my friend / I'ma keep it on blast / I'ma keep it on ten / I'ma go all out / 'Til I roll out / Lace up my shoes / It's time to move / On the Lord's route / Yo / Narrows the way / And truth is displayed / Honesty / Discipline / With a fresh pair of shades / You sip haterade / Man I can't stand y'all / I ain't the tallest in the league but I stand tall / Yo / Toss me the ball / Watch me do my thing / I stay in the gym hustling / To beat your whole team / Man you thought I would quit / With one hit / Man you got twisted / My life on line / So don't flinch / Blaow / Ring the alarm / 'Cause here I come / More lethal and deadly than a hundred Vietnams / I'm on a war path / You 'bout smell grass / Call me the energizer bunny 'cause I'll outlast / You

Pre-Chorus: T Haddy
They call me the Amtrak / Ain't nobody stopping me / The ultimate running back / Ain't nobody blocking me / I'm on my Jagged Edge / 'Cause I gotta be / The One who always win / On ten / Represent


Verse 2: Malachi of Gideonz Army
I'ma tell my story go ahead ignore me / I'm used to it so bore me / Really you can't do nothing else for me / See way back in '89 / We was so ahead of our time / One of the first to do this Jesus Music / Y'all ain't paid us no mind / And now we here / And ain't nobody here going harder / GA we here to stay / Trading places we go barter / Pass me the ball I'm Carter / I'ma create me a whole new lane / 'Cause I gotta give it to 'em / Ain't nobody gonna do it like we do it / Thought I told 'em that these Christians we ain't about no games / I'm in the end zone / Anybody within senses will immediately get the picture and gone get gone / It's ridiculous how many became a victim of Malachi getting jiggy in the middle of a hot song / A bang of brothers that's willing to go and die for him / Willing to let the bygones be by goings / We bringing Jesus to the hood let it be understood / You more effective when you working with the right poem / The end I'm going harder than I ever gone before / Never deny the Holy Spirit / I take and overdose / Oh no / We gone let 'em know T Haddy / That we gone bring the pain / And I just can't get happy / Until His Kingdom came / Yeah



Verse 3: T Haddy
I might be running outta patience / I hear a voice that's telling me it's worth the waiting / Slow Down / No rush / Change is on the way / Change in my campaign like Obama say / But nothing like his support is as he's near his ending / I need my patience strong like it was in the beginning / Cease the use of sinning to express my pain / Keep my attitude winning even in the rain / Keep on shining on my haters even through my pain / Keep Christ in my swag when they call it lame / Strutting on the holy hill ten toes down / Success is so close I'm feeling my time now / I'm still waiting on my H2 on 28's / Un-afraid of success or attracted hate / I'ma rep Jesus and I'ma do it well / It'll still work together for my good if I fail


Chorus Repeat x2

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