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Above The Water by Roy Tosh

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by Roy Tosh, Blake Whiteley, Sky

Album: Above The Water

I been patiently waitin'
Waitin' in line, waitin' in line
You know what I'm sayin?
Feel like it's time, feel like it's time
But my soul's waitin'
Waitin' in line, waitin' in line,
You know what I'm sayin?
Patiently waitin'

V1: (Blake Whiteley)
I been doin' this for a long time,
Hard work but it's slow climb
Get on stage let it go when it's show time
Feel the pressure but I try to pay it no mind
I'm going through it, cuz I wanna grow
Belly of the whale, pray He spit me to the shore
Top 5 album chartin' in at number 4
It's easier to say you give it up then let it go
What you doin' with your art Blake?
How you handle heart ache?
Gettin' closer to the edge
Persevering through the hard days
Glory gang we takin' over yea
We ain't come to partake
I'ma give it up, lift it up
I'm lettin' go, it's outta my control
I'ma have to part ways, yea

I know, I know so hard to let it go, go, go
Cuz you know Your love's all I know
Gotta let it go
Wanna let that go, go (4x)

Flyin all around, lights lit on stage
Doing what I'm called on the path not paved
Offers on the table, still feel no peace
Still makn moves with a heart just to reach,
Chasing these dreams got me feelin so low
Soaring so high, but I'm numb on the floor
Gotta fall back, stay woke in the night
I'm just tryna ride low, and pointin' to the Light,
Got some broken wings but i'm aimin' for the stars
Fightin' to become who I'm supposed to be in God
Waitin in line, wanted this my whole life
Got it all, wanna fly, cuz I'm never satisfied, why?
Nvr die tatted on the skin of a friend
This is bigger than me, we just tryna win
Let my life go, this is all sacrifice,
Give it all for His name, you know that we gon rise like


You know that we'll never quit,
You know that we'll nvr die so we gon rise (4x)

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