Suplex 2 Mind by S.F.C.

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Suplex 2 Mind
by S.F.C.

Album: A Saved Man - In The Jungle

Free-styling, smiling while I grip this mic, and start like piping lyrics that are enlightening,
To you mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your uncle, your aunt, your nephew and niece,
Why's that C?
Because it's nothing but peace,
See, what's in my heart will soon come out, and positivity is flowing out of me,
Eventually someone who's chain will be free,
So flee from all that negativity,
The S, U, P in 1990 is charging, shooting shots like a gun,
Stomp the hole like if I was Paul Bunyan, but I'm not the man, or should I say, the myth,
I'm just a black kid, placing a bid,
Or just a popcorn turtle, trapped in a pop with a lid on top,
But I don't stop because they turn up the heat,
I grows and I grow, next thing you know, I overflow,
So, don't try to play me like a redhead step-child,
It won't work, man, I'm just too wild,
Tame the mundane, doing the Jesus thing,
Ghetto, so I swing, and when I swing I bring the gospel, uncompromised, untampered with, period, that's it,
If my mind, during twenty-six letters in the alphabet,
But nitwits still try to blitz me,
I just bob and weave, and strive to achieve that vision or goal,
In case you didn't know, it's to preach and teach the words in the bible, which is survival - the only way to live,
And that's why I'm so anxious to give a shock to someone who's just not trying, spiritually dying, or running and hiding, or just denying, while I'm justifying,
This is the year of revival, so I throw a whammy on top of the jammy,
All the way from L.A. to Miami,
Some look at me strange, but I don't care,
Walked outside with nappy hair,
I got a job, not on welfare,
And, in and out of season, I'm ready to share,
I said, you're looking for the future, then start right here,
In the B, I, B, L, E, translate it homie,
Basic instructions, before leaving Earth,
And you'll find it's well worth, more than girls, money or gold,
The world's richest diamond, I'm not lying,
But I'm just rhyming for G, O, D,
And I'm moving fast than time, moving faster than time,
Placed here to suplex the mind.

Check one, check two,
Nothing old, but new chemistry, and the chemist - me,
I be making those beats that be booming your bass cabinet,
See a wireless mic and I'm grabbing it, just like a magnet does steel,
I grip it that tight, I'm coming stupid height,
And when I blow up, man, it's like dynamite,
So get tour thinking right,
Don't try to squall, because your arms are too short to box with God,
When I say God, I mean Jehovah 'cause he's the one who sees, and watches over this whole ministry,
See, you ain't dissing me, but you're dissing the Almighty,
And you think that you can fight me?
Man, you're smoking some serious dope, 'cause what you're saying is a straight up joke,
You can't stop the movement, can't stop the crew,
Man, I don't even know what you're trying to prove,
Is it the money you're making?
You like perpetrating, man tell me,
Man, you're weak, straight light as lint,
And this is where your time is spent, trying to find fault in the KJV, and keep a bum like me low key,
But I won't 'fess, won't settle for less,
I grab the M, I, K, E and give my best,
Loose, not tense, with confidence the the Lord is anointing every sentence that proceeds out of my mouth,
For the east and the west, the north and south, I speak revival, and outpour of the word,
Across the globe is where it's heard,
Praising God in a whole different way,
We do it this way, and ain't no mono here,
But in stereo is how I flow,
Sailing, not railing on the fence,
And every lyrics is making sense 'cause I take my time when I write a rhyme,
No need to rush, in God I trust,
Heaven or bust, and that's a must,
Just start to yell, check 1, 2, 3,
I'm not A, B, C, but D, E, F, that's how I try to be,
So please don't play me close, because I'm not high pose,
Christian new-jack, I don't mind being that, in fact I'm kinda happy, man,
And that's the reason why I made this jam,
Hey, we're coming with a brand new sound,
Moving faster than time on the B-line,
Suplex the mind.

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