All I Need by Saint James, Faith Lofi

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All I Need
by Saint James, Faith Lofi

Album: All I Need - Single

All that I need
You are all that I ever need

Just left a season of depression and anxiety
Now I never doubt because my Father proud of me
I pray my soul stay intact until I'm in the ground
Used to trip about my sins, but they don't hold me now
I tried to outrun shame and guilt for years
He said, "Meet me at the water," now I'm feelin' crystal clear
With God on my side, ain't nothin' I could ever really fear, right?
But how You gon' change the boy like that?
How You gon' remove my stains like that?
No other gods could really love me like that
Send a prayer and get blessed right back
Ain't no devil in my plans, just serve it into God's hand on that, yeah
This my story, this my testimony, yeah
And we gon' take it to the farthest corners, yeah
I had to get my life right
I was losin' my light
And then I realized that You really are

You are all that I need
You are all that I ever need

I used to wonder why would God love us like this?
And it didn't take me long to understand was the Creator without you
He was the sustainer without you
But without you, He could not be the redeemer
And the reason He loves us is because through us
God can manifest another side of who He is
See, our mistakes are not the occasion for banishment
They become the opportunity for God to reveal Himself
So when you're hurting, He says, "Let Me show you more of who I am"
When you lose things, when you make mistakes
When you feel that you've gone too far for rescue
He says, "Let me show you more"
Now if all of this is not enough for you to want Him, then nothing will

All that I need
You are all that I ever need

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