Active Obedience by Shai Linne, J.G.

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Active Obedience
by Shai Linne, J.G.

Album: Lyrical Theology, Pt. 1 - Theology Instrumentals

Jesus: there's nothing greater God could give for us
But before He gave His life, He lived for us
It's one of salvation's massive ingredients
The Lord Jesus Christ and His active obedience (repeat)

Verse 1

Scene 1 of our story takes place at the Jordan River
John the Baptist proclaiming that the LORD delivers
As He shares truth in each and every sentence
He's telling them to bear fruit in keeping with repentance
This God you can't handle, man, turn from your scandals
There's One coming: I'm not worthy to hold His sandals
When John saw Him, his mind was straight in a whirlwind
Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the world's sin!
Jesus- John's heart was to magnify Him
The Lamb surprised Him when He told John to baptize Him
Did John lack eyes to see?
He replied, "Not to chastise, but you should be baptizing me"
What's enticing is how Christ replied to this:
"We must do it to fulfill all righteousness"
So now we focus on the works of Christ
And how the law was fulfilled in His perfect life


Verse 2

We know today's generation can't stand lectures
We're trying to get your attention like hand gestures
The truth is close, like London is to Manchester
To understand better, consider our ancestor
Adam- it took place in the garden of Eden
Y'all know the story- how Satan was talking to Eve then
The snake had her all deceived then she ate & he ate
God had decreed that that would make all of us heathens
Romans 5:12 really got my dome spinning
Adam's descendants didn't die for their own sinning
But here's the thing that you must pay attention to
Although you weren't there, Adam represented you
Now God is free, He doesn't need an apology
For those who struggle though, I'll make a quick analogy
Think logically before you criticize
One player commits a foul, the whole team gets penalized
We were in need of another representative
To live the perfect life that none of us could ever live
Cause if we're gonna be freed from our distress
Both sides of the situation need to be addressed
We need a substitute in our place to to be killed
Plus we need the broken law to be obeyed and fulfilled
And Jeremiah prophesied of this
That the LORD Himself would be our righteousness


Verse 3

Although we're born into a unholy environment
A Holy God can never lower His requirement
You think God's accepting something less than perfection?
You must be living in a dream world like Inception
Take refuge in Jesus, indeed, be safe
The righteousness of Christ is to be received by faith
Alone- that's apart from the works of the law
Christ was murdered to reverse the curse of the fall
So now astoundingly, Christ's righteous salary
And Calvary counts for me
Praise the Living God for His amazing wisdom
We get credit for somebody else's work like plagiarism
But He does it righteously for the worst of all heathens
Based on 33 years of perfect law-keeping
Believing in Jesus has crazy perks
And I guess you can say we've been saved by works- His!


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