Theology Q & A by Shai Linne, Stephen The Levite

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Theology Q & A
by Shai Linne, Stephen The Levite

Album: Lyrical Theology, Pt. 1 - Theology Instrumentals

Verse 1
Who made everything? The God of the Bible
Triune, Self-existent, Sovereign without rival
Triune? Yes, one nature and three Persons
Father, Son and Spirit- Same essence, unique working
How do you know this? From the only true evidence
The 66 books of the Old and New Testaments
Why did He make us? He made us for His pleasure
To glorify His name and enjoy Him forever
What happened? Though God made Adam and Eve perfect
Deceived by the serpent, they then received curses
How did that affect us? It left us for dead
Because Adam represented us as our federal head
Our federal head? It means we're born sinners as well
And apart from God's grace we're all headed for hell
What's the good news? The good news is seen in God's plan
To elect a people to be redeemed by the Lamb!


Seek God and His truth today, yeah
Theology Q & A, yeah
Without truth, we will fall away, yeah
Theology Q & A, yeah (repeat)

Verse 2

Who is Jesus? He's the second Person of the Trinity
The God-man who came to perform His earthly ministry
What ministry? His ministry most properly is seen
In fulfilling of the roles of Prophet, Priest and King
What's a prophet? He represents God to the people
Blessings for obedience, the rod for their evil
What's a priest? He represents the people before the Lord
Intercedes and pleads that God would not draw the sword
What's a king? He rules things in all his dominion
With his people subject to the laws he has given
Why did Jesus come? He came to die for our sins
On the cross when He laid down His life for His friends
If He died, how can we survive? Oh that's easy: Jesus is Alive!
Resurrected from the grave, He ascended into heaven
The elected whom He saved- we intend to give Him reverence!


Verse 3

What happens at death? Saints won't groan anymore
Absent from the body, at home with the Lord
After death? Perfected, we rejoice at God's party
While we wait to receive their glorified body
What happens to unbelievers? Their bodies lie dormant
While their souls go to a place of conscious torment
Is that hell? No, hell, it actually comes later
After they're raised to stand before their Creator
Is that the final judgement? Yes, and you can trust this
God will gloriously display His justice
What is heaven? A world of love reserved for His clan
Forever around the throne to worship the Lamb
Anything else? Honestly there's so much more to say
Seek Christ in the Scriptures- go explore today
And finally, once you know the ways of the Lord, then the
Only thing that you can say is Soli Deo Gloria!


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