Take up and Read by Shai Linne, Through Hymn, Omri, Ant

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Take up and Read
by Shai Linne, Through Hymn, Omri, Ant

Album: Lyrical Theology, Pt. 1 - Theology Instrumentals

We gotta take up and read
Or we will never proceed
In growing up into maturity, we oughta take heed
In these last days what we need
We gotta take up and read
And be the People of the Book!
Gotta be the People of the Book!

Verse 1

(Through Hymn)

Men in the bondage of the will, sin is the preference
And unwilling to believe, got their fists to the heavens
None desiring God with religious affections
Need a modern reformation, so peer in this table talk
B we're in a war field, so I'll make it plain to all
Without Christ, we're sinners in the hands of an angry God
We forgot the Trinity but Christ was slain
Though sin is scarlet He can make it white as James
And change the heart to worship with reverence and awe
In pursuit of holiness to forever adore
Yea, saints we got a glorious King, Lord of the rings
around Saturn, spoke the world into being
My place, condemned He stood, question: where do you stand?
Because Christ is divine yet like Carl, a true man
According to plan, slaughtered the Lamb
He's more than gold's worthy, deserves all that I am

Verse 2


I was abhorring allegiance to the Lord of Ephesians
Disagreed with Johnny Mac on The Gospel According to Jesus
While exploring the regions in a vanity contest
As the truth warred over my vanishing conscience
Thoughts were all dung, debased the God of Wisdom
So far from His law, son, I had Him made in our image
That depiction of Him stretched on the cross for me
Brought conviction that ushered in more confessions than Augustine
Within religion that was pompous and a lie
God still made my redemption accomplished and applied
Sought and found grace through the Word of God in English
Now I serve Him out in Phoenix through art for God's sake
It takes work to build a village of saints
So I shout out a van 'til they hear the defense of the faith
I'm filling this page so the listener takes it up
To get in His face to say the Risen is great



If you start with the inspired text then you'll find
A message divine that'll shape you when it enters your mind
In fact the pleasures of God get better with time
Put amazing back into grace with the letters of John
Newton, I ain't trying to be all highfalutin
But you'll find prudence reading lectures to my students
Ephesians 4:11 gifts from our Lord and Master
Preaching and preachers will help reform(ed) pastor(s)
Baxter, Richard, I demand Scripture
Cats be like what, son? Godly man's picture
Time is now to think about these topics that'll suit ya
The mystery of providence, the Bible and the future
I'm chosen by God just to put a little Sproul in this
And JC got me riled up about holiness
The cross of Christ paid the price this tot was owing
And The Glory of Christ is why I'm flowing


You see it's me I'm just a mere Christian
In the valley of visions where I can hear wisdom
From the pages of many men w/ heavy pens
Filled with charity's fruits and heaven's sentiments
And Mr. Miller, it's the 21st century
Please tell these modern day men what repentance is
Or when to mortify sin in the tension of
suspension in this praying life and entrance to the next one
There's many flutes that you could follow but I found a Piper
That you don't have to pay the dangerous duty of delight for
Humility will make your burden lighter
When your lonely, count the cost of all your idols
while your toes are on the precipice of
knowledge of the holy as you face ya' rivals
And knowing God'll have you cheesin' like a packer fan
And easily the sovereignty of God in ink's
Been turning little boys to men who actually rock pink

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